Friday, January 30, 2009

Sumo Wrestling World Rocked by Pot Scandal

OMG! The centuries old sport of Sumo Wrestling, revered with religious fervor by many fans, has been rocked by...Marijuana. Read the sordid details. Could it be that entire stables of Sumo professionals have discovered that a good toke stimulates the appetite, eases the pains of excess, and serves as a better sleeper than warm milk or hot Sake? But no, this horrific practice will "sully" the good name and historic reputation of the sport. Uh-huh. Like we're buying that. People, worry about serious drugs like stimulants and roids. Leave the mild herbals alone already.

Fast Cars - And Electric!

Fast cars are a dream high for the terminally testosterone addicted. But the low-tech internal combustion engine, however, is a thing of the past. And it's about time. New diesel; hybrid, and all electric cars and trucks are starting to gain traction and soon they will rule the road. That's just where we're going. Get used to it. The good news is that we are not going to have to sacrifice speed in the process. By now, everybody has heard about the Tesla project and most have seen the sexy, low-profile, European-style racer that has lots of hearts pumping hard. Now if they could just get their financing and management team together, maybe we'd see some production models soon. Consumers ready to plonk-down $130,000 can sign-up for Tesla's promised new model, said to be even more powerful than the first prototype. Still won't be the fastest electric at the dance.

In Japan, work continues on the 8-wheeled electric monster on the block. The Eliica (pictured above) is definitely not Kawaii, but it sure does rock when it comes to speed. Just check out the video below.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eating Vogue - Literally

The Author is forced to confess to an addiction to Google's "Blogger Play" widget. It just sits on the desktop and plays an endless slide show of whatever images people around the world are uploading to their blogs at the moment. You can imagine the possibilities for the obsessively curious. And the pitfalls, as countless minutes are spent roaming randomly through the blogosphere. Well, I'm not sure just what to make of this particular photographer's post, but I love the concept: Eating Vogue. Featuring the photography of Juan Miguel Entrelanas of Malaga, Spain (image).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cancer Breakthrough - Polymer Immunotherapy

Okay, I admit that I'm addicted to Gizmodo and Engadget. Who isn't, right? Occasionally the awesome crew at Gizmodo uncovers an unexpected bit of health technology news, in addition to their regular fare of all things electronic and steampunk. Actually, this post really caught my attention as I've managed to survive two, unrelated cancers. One of those episodes required the dreaded Chemo, replete with the four standard drugs for my particular cancer and the addition of a designer monoclonal antibody targeted specifically to the "brand" of cancer I was battling. The conventional wisdom on Chemo is largely true. It sucks, and takes the recipient to the point of toxicity and near-death to kill the cancer. The good news is that it can work like a dream, as in my case. But the prospect of a new approach that is less violent and life-threatening is heartening indeed. Here's an introduction from the Gizmodo post:
Researchers at Harvard have developed a polymer immunotherapy implant that trains the immune system to become cancer soldiers that seek out and destroy tumors inside the body.

Here is the original technology review.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Middle East Peace Process Over

Thanks to Paul Woodward and War in Context for pointing The Author to this fine video. As much as bloguls and blogdits are wont to rail about the main-stream-media, fine journalism still manages to happen on rare occasion (there I go again). The most recent edition of the pioneering CBS News Magazine 60 Minutes is an example. Be forewarned, there is a 30 second commercial spot at the beginning of this video, however it is worth the wait for what is exceptional and revealing analysis of where we now stand in the Middle East. Look out George Mitchell... There are multiple mine-fields ahead. Cross-posted to World Impulse.

Watch CBS Videos Online
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Vietnamese Art - Collectors Take Note

The Author, constantly trolling for the new and unique, has taken a shine to contemporary and traditional Vietnamese art. Vietnam has a long and storied history of producing master artists. The first Asian country to embrace Western styles of fine art, Vietnam was for decades a French colony and the Gallic affection for beauty and art mashed-up nicely with the refined artistic sensibilities and traditions of this Southeast Asian culture. (Image: Nguyen Thanh Binh)

Though contemporary fine art started appearing in Vietnam at the turn of the last century, the founding of the Indochina School of fine arts in the 1940's really produced generations of trained new artists - while preserving the artistic traditions of the culture.

Vietnamese art has evolved through several periods: There was an early classical and landscape period; followed by "worker's art" during the Socialist era; partition and war provided its own backdrop and themes for another generation of artists; which was followed by a post-war return to more varied themes and experimentation. Vietnam's post-war Policy of Openess has created a flourshing art scene. Always known for their unique fired-lacquer paintings, Vietnamese artists also use canvas, wood and silk for a variety of oil and watercolor images. (image: Viet Hoang Nguyen) Since contemporary Vietnamese artists appearing in galleries in Hanoi and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) are experimenting with a variety of styles and techniques, one can find a broad spectrum of work available for sale. And it is selling fast all over the world.

According to an 07 article in Singapore's Straits Times, Mr. Mok Kim Chuan, Sotheby's Specialist in charge of South-east Asian paintings in Singapore says that "...allowing for huge variations depending on artists, styles, media and sizes, many contemporary Vietnamese art pieces fetch between US $5,000 and US $12,0000. Artists of note include: Hoang Hai Anh, Tan Viet Phu, Doan Hoang Lam and Siagon's Kimkhim Katy. The Author has uncovered some excellent web sites and Vietnamese galleries for you to peruse. Be f0rewarned that there is a very high-quality and organized unauthorized art reproduction market in all of Asia, so to ensure you purchase genuine goods you must undertake due diligence and insist on verify-able provenance. You know what I mean. That said, check out this and this and this and this gallery. The Author hopes you enjoy this journey through contemporary Vietnamese art as much as he did.
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bush Leaves - World Impulse Launches

George Bush is gone, and Pop Impulse readers have been enduring entirely too many political rants of late, due to an overpowering preoccupation with national and international affairs. In the interest of reserving Pop Impulse for music, travel and popular culture, The Author has launched World Impulse, the second member of the Pop Impulse family of blogs. So in a sense, the digital empire expands - if ever so modestly.

The latest post on World Impulse is an entire op-ed that ran today in Turkey's Today's Zaman. Formatted as a "letter to Mr. Bush," the piece is brilliant, the most appropriate farewell to G.W. Bush I've yet encountered. Penned by a Turkish professor, the piece gives readers the additional benefit of a moderate Muslim point of view. Altogether worthy reading. Read the original op-ed here.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change Has Come to America

It is with very great pleasure indeed The Author witnessed the end of a long, dark night in American history. As the helicopter arose from the Capital to take George W. Bush out of Washington and government, my heart rose and a great sense of relief flooded my being. Profound relief. Change has finally come to my homeland. For the first time in ages I feel like flying the flag, pounding my chest, pledging my allegiance all over again. How cool is that? I know that there are like-minded individuals worldwide who are sharing this special and historic moment, and that makes me feel strongly connected to the world and re-committed to peace and justice for all people.

With an approval rating over over 80 percent, President Obama will enjoy a rare opportunity to leverage the good will and energy of the masses to move his agenda forward. It sure doesn't hurt that the man is a mesmerizing and inspiring orator. His voice, his cadence, his sincerity give him that illusive "voice of authority," so valued in great leaders. I believe that he will be a great leader, which motivates me to be a great and loyal citizen. Let the fireworks and celebrations begin!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Palestinian Scholar Speaks - Condems Rice & Livni

Pop Impulse is gratified to have carried Sameh Habeeb's daily feed from on-the-ground in Gaza during the recent Israeli military incursion and bombardment. Sameh, a photojournalist and a very brave young man, spent time every day documenting individual acts of Israeli aggression. His own blog, Gaza Today, has been a source of information and an anchor to his daily, email feed. Today, The Author is pleased to observe the current cease-fire by publishing the following article, penned by Sameh's father, Dr. Akram Habeeb, a professor and Palestinian scholar of note.

By: Dr. Akram Habeeb

Assistant Professor in American Lit based in Gaza

As an Americanist and a Palestinian intellectual who is not affiliated to any political party in Palestine, I feel that I have to stand up and speak out. I have to speak about the faulty policy which feeds the spirit of hatred and resentment. Almost every man, woman and child in the world knows that the American policy in the Middle East during the two terms of Bush's Administration is distinguished by being biased and double standard. Very few, however, are easily deceived by the glittering rhetoric made by some American politicians, particularly, the most articulate outgoing Secretary of States Dr. Condaliza Rice! Dr. Condi was very smart when she declared at the outset of the most brutal Israeli war on Gaza that it was the Palestinian side which is held responsible for violating the six -month truce. She was even smarter when she concluded her career by signing an MOU (Memo of Understanding), which is completely in favor of the Israelis. It is an MOU which further tightens the siege on Gaza and allows Israel to posses more American WMD to kill more Palestinians.

The most disturbing statement about the situation in Gaza was made by Dr. Rice was when she declared that it was the Palestinian side who violated the truce and subsequently is responsible for what is happening in Gaza. Such a statement is easy to be made by Ms. Condi whose accomplishments in America's foreign policy were spectacular! She promised that by 2008 the presidents vision of two states would be concretized. It seems though that she succeeded in having two Palestinian cantons, one in Gaza, and the other in the West Bank ! So we can easily say that Ms. Rice succeeded in fulfilling her President's vicious vision of having two viable Palestinian states.

Perhaps Dr. Rice was the most frequent visitor to the Middle East when compared with her predecessors. The normal expectation has been that Ms. Rice would have a deeper understanding of the Middle East crisis in general, and the Palestinian side in particular. As Palestinians living in Gaza, we expected Ms. Rice to have done some research about the demography of Gaza. We also expected here to have done some
investigations about the psyche of the true victims living in Gaza. We are not sure if Dr. Rice knows that more than seventy percent of the Palestinians living in Gaza are Palestinian refugees who had been kicked out of their towns and villages in Palestine . We are not certain if Dr. Rice knows that most of the Israelis who replaced the displaced Palestinians had come from far off land, from diverse countries to establish a state on the land of other people. It seems that Ms. Rice is very happy to see the Palestinians suffer under siege; she wants them to sing for peace in a big cage called Gaza, and if they protest by sending home made or ineffective Chinese rockets, she will hold them responsible for the mess!

The most recent MOU signed by Dr. Condi and Ms. Livne, one of the most notorious Israeli war criminals, stipulates that the American government helps in preventing weapons smuggling into Gaza. According to Ms. Condi, the signing of this MOU is only a step in the process towards a permanent seize fire. Of course she speaks about a process which gives the Israeli more time for human cleansing in Gaza; she wants to give the Israeli army more time to kill more Palestinian children and women. However, unfortunately this MOU does not stipulate that the American government stops sending weapons of mass destruction to Israel. The MOU does not speak about the most sophisticated weapons, the American government is giving for free to Israel to kill Palestinian children and women in Gaza. The MOU does not talk about any practical procedure to ban Israel from using DIM and White Phosphorus bombs that kill Palestinian children by burning their little and tender bodies.

The MOU has ignored the fact that the Palestinian living in Gaza are occupied ; they are not terrorist as promulgated by the colonial rhetoric; they are freedom fighters who want their legitimate rights, they are people who want to live in dignity like all the peoples of the world. The MOU has never included anything related to lifting the siege imposed in Gaza by opening crossings for humanitarian purposes. The Palestinians in Gaza do not bank much on the American government but rather on the good American people, the good people who do not want to see the tax they pay used in building the Israeli arsenal of mass destruction which is used to threaten the Arab people, in general, and the Palestinian people in particular.

Indeed Bush's administration has left the soon coming Obama's administration with a heavy legacy; a legacy of anger and resentment against the biased American government which does not represent the American voice which calls for freedom, independence and dignity. It is a heavy burden Obama's administration should waive. We hope, though that Obama's administration follows a different policy , a policy which is based on objectivity and transparency . We hope that Ms. Clinton, Condi's successor would be the one who would improve the image of America in the Middle East and the Islamic world. We are sure that Ms. Clinton would be more objective and realistic when she deals with the Palestinian Issue. We hope that the Administration would follow policy which balances between the nationalistic aspirations of the Palestinians and the divine dream of the Jews, those who totally disagree with the massacres committed by the Israeli army against the innocent Palestinian in Gaza.
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Doctor's Daughters Killed on Live TV - Truce Declared

Israeli politicians declared a unilateral cease-fire, which according to pundits worldwide was designed to end the brutal Gaza military operation before the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. So let me get this straight, politicians in power started this war to influence Israeli elections and now they're taking a break to accommodate U.S. politics? What about the 1,200 Palestinians killed, 5,500 wounded, half a million people without water since the conflict began, and huge numbers of people without power. Four thousand homes are ruined and 80,000 people are homeless. Read first reports on the destruction from the BBC. Can you say "War Crimes?" Let the international investigations begin in earnest.

Australia's Sydney Morning Herald reports that Israel "kept U.N. aid out" of Gaza by design. How cynical and heartless. Now the news that in the last minutes before the truce, Israeli air strikes killed the three young daughters of a well-known moderate Palestinian doctor while he was on the phone reporting on Gaza for Israeli TV. Read the tragic account for yourself. His anguished cries are emblematic of the grief and destruction caused by massive, indiscriminate Israeli bombardments. The response of Israeli Members of Parliament to the carnage? They're making jokes about having to curtail their travels to avoid war crimes trials. No really. This modern day massacre was carried out in full light, though Israel did its best to keep journalists out during the fighting while providing a steady stream of state propaganda.
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 21 of Israeli War On Gaza

Gaza War: Death toll 1150, wounded 5150

By: Sameh A. Habeeb:
A Photojournalist, Humanitarian & Peace Activist in Gaza Strip.


Israeli War: Water Crisis in Gaza

Israeli War: Bread Crisis

Israeli War: DESTRUCTION and Killing

A day of War 1

A day of War 2

Daily Feed About Gaza War:
1-Israeli air strike bombed a wedding hall in Rafah City.
2-Air strike hit the Khan Yonis Police station, no people wounded!
3-Israeli tanks invading Tal Al Hawa, western Gaza City, retreated to
the mid areas.
4-Child Esa Ermilat, 14, killed and 6 children wounded in Rafah due to
an Isaeli artillery shells.
5-Four Palestinian children wounded in Dair Al Balah City.
6-A child killed in artillery shelling near Jablaia town, northern Gaza Strip.
7-Bombs destroyed al Qouqa' mosque eastern Gaza City.
8-Three Palestinian fighters killed in Israeli air raid northern Gaza Strip.
9-Two Palestinian figjters killed western sourthern Gaza, Tal Al Hawa,
in Israeli air raid.
10-Israeli army destroyed many houses in Farta area, Bait Hanon, northern Gaza.
11-Two Palestinians killed mid of Gaza city.
12-Spardoic artillery shells eastern Gaza City.
13- A press conference for Arab and International doctors in Gaza
confirmed that Israeli is using prohibited weapons in Gaza.
14-Massive devastation in Tal Al hawa area western southern Gaza City.
Hospitals, offices and charities beside houses destroyed yesterday.
15-Israeli tanks opened its heavy gunmachine fire into the houses of
people eastern Gaza City.
16-Israeli shelling targeted the northern areas of Gaza and no wounded reported.
17-A mother from al Batran family and five from her children killed,
several wounded in Israeli strike central Gaza Strip.
18-Fire still ongoing in the UN stores in Gaza.
19-Severe shortages in medical stuff at Al Shifa' hospital.
20-Around 300 wounded still in critical condtions.
21-Israeli air raids on Rafah, tunnels area.
22-Heavy bombings echoed in the first evening hours in Gaza.
23-Water still hardly accessible for Gaza residents.
24-Humantarian needs still unaviable and monitors said that Gaza needs
thousands of food trucks and permanent opened crossings to bridge the
recent Gap.
25-Artillary shells rained down in southern Gaza Strip.
26-Medical sources: Around 25 Palestinian bodies were found dead in
Tal al Hawa by Israeli fire yesterday.
27-Residents of Tal Al Hawa flee their houses despite Israeli tanks
dropped out for 2 kilo meters.
28-Many anbulances were found destroyed today in Tal Al Hawa area.
29-Clashes arise again in east and north of Gaza.
30-Bombings from the gunboats targeted mid and western areas of Gaza.
31-Drones still hover excessively over Gaza.
32-Palestinian fighters launched some projectiles in Israeli leaving 5
people wounded and in Trauma.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel Targets Hospital & U.N.

According to the International Herald Tribune, the United Nations is "outraged" by Israeli shelling of a clearly marked and well-known U.N. compound in the Gaza Strip war zone. The compound was sheltering refugees and U.N. workers at the time and there were casualties. Read the IHT article for yourself. And then for another perspective on the issue, read today's piece in Xinhua, the official Chinese press.

Previous posts have noted casualty totals, now 13 Israeli dead (some from friendly fire) and over 1,000 Palestinian dead and almost 5,000 wounded. Refugee agencies put the number of internal displaced (by the war) at over 80,000. A massive humanitarian crisis by any definition. And the children, according to this revealing article, are bearing the brunt of the madness. Of Palestinian dead, over 300 are innocent children - many blown to bits by the indiscriminate Israeli bombardment. Savage and barbaric are words that come to mind. Again, just what is the end game? And how can the U.S. and the vaunted International Community stand by and watch these massacres and war crimes unfold?

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Gaza War - Day 20

By Sameh. A. Habeeb, Gaza Strip, Occupied Palestine

Daily Feed About Gaza War

1-Heavy artillery shelling on the eastern part of Gaza City.
2-Israeli artillery and air force destroyed Al Bashir Mosque in east of Gaza.
3- Israeli artillery and air force bombed Al arqam school in east of Gaza.
4-Artillary shells hit and burned Al Sa'd building in Tal Hawa area.
5-Israeli forces for the first time since 17 years invaded Tal Al Hawa area and made full scale of destruction and killing.
6-Fifteen Palestinians wounded as Israeli strike bombed a mosque in Rafah City.
7-Two Palestinians killed in an air raid targeted Hamas leader, Mah,moud al Zahar in Tal Al Hawa.
8- Israeli air force hit a house in Jabalia Refugee Camp.
9-Artillary shelling destroyed house of Mashraw and Safadi family east of Al Shijaya area. Many people wounded in the place.
10-Israeli army bombarded a computer shop in Rafah market and a nearby Mosque called Al Abrar.
11-Heavy shelling from the artillery machine in Tal Al hawa near Barcelona playground.
12-Al Wafa' hospital east of Gaza, partially destroyed due to 8 Israeli heavy artillery shells.
13-Three Palestinians killed in Sheikh Zayed city northern Gaza Strip.
14-A flat in a big building hit and a firer set in mid of Gaza city, Falasteen building.
15-Tens of phosphorus bombs rained down mid of Gaza City.
16-Fire set in many flats in Gaza Tal Haw southern western Gaza.
17-Israeli troops captured many tens of people in Tal al Hawa.
18-Israeli tanks and troops invaded Tal Al Hawa and destroyed many houses leaving many wounded and killed people.
19-Another flagrant violation, Israelis bombarded the UNRWA compound in Gaza despite their promise not to do it last week.
20-Two Journalists wounded in an Israeli air strike targeted Al Shoroq building mid of Gaza. The building includes Reuters, AP and tens of media outlets.
21-People living Al Amani building left their flats in one floor only.
22-Israeli tanks hit "Red Crescent Society" and fire ignited in the building.
23- Al Quds hospital is being bombed after hundreds of people took it as a shelter.
24-Israli army destroyed a theatre in Tal Al hawa area.
25-Rockets hit house of journalist Eyad el Zaem and fire set in the place.
26-House of Abu Ala khalaf hit in Tal Al Hawa, many injured in the place and paramedics unable to save them.
27-Fire set in many ambulances and stockpiles of medical equipments.
28-Israeli snipers spread through Tal al Hawa area and open fire on people.
29-Bombings targeted house of Om Sabri Saidam in Tal Al Hawa.
30- A rocket hit house of Muqat family, fire set in and many wounded!
31-A rocket hit a workshop for sponge.
32-Fire set in house of al Alol family due to Israeli rockets western Gaza, near house of President Abbas.
33-Two Palestinians killed in Al Toffah quarter east of Gaza.
34-Five houses burned by Israeli phosphorous east of Gaza.
35-Around 40 people killed today.
36-Five Palestinian women killed northern Gaza Strip in heavy bombings.
37-Israeli army and troops captured tens of Palestinians in Al Amoor area eastern Rafah City.
38-Artillary shells fall down in some farms eastern shijaya area.
39-Four people killed, 12 wounded as Israeli rockets targeted house of Al Naoq family northern Gaza, Jabalia town. The victims are, Sameeh Al Naoq, Mahmoud Al Noq, Muhammad Saleh and Abd Al latif.
40- Israeli soldiers use Palestinian citizens as humans shields in Tal Al Hawa area, in one of the populated buildings.
41-Israeli Radio: 11 soldiers wounded in Tal Al Hawa invasion.
42-Heavy bombings in Rafah City where Al Abrar mosque was hit!
43-Israeli F16s raided on al sheikh zayed City northern Gaza strip.
44-F16s hit house of Saday family Al yarmok area which is a very densely populated area.
45-Rockets hit house of Dr. Abd Al Mn'am Qasem in northern Gaza Strip.
46-Heavy fire is being opened on civilians houses east of Gaza City.
47-Israel says: 7 Israelis lightly wounded in a Palestinian projectile hit Bir Saba' area.
48-Many houses burned and Islamic society building burned by Israeli rockets in northern Gaza, Bait lahia town.
49-Israeli air force bombarded house for Syam family resulted in killing and injuring many.
50- White and Black smoke Billowing all over the Gaza Strip.
51-Medical sources: War victims 1100, wounded 5100. Child victims: 300, women 110, elderly men and women are 118.
52-A house is being destroyed in Tal Al Hawa and many people under the rubbles including a child and his grandfather.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Israel Bans Press - Aljazeera Posts Online Videos

In a stunning but not entirely unexpected exercise in state censorship, Israel has effectively banned all members of the press, journalists of all stripes, from Gaza. Press credentials? Don't even think about it. You can't go there. This is a tactic of despots and war criminals, condemned by all. Read this account in the English language version of Germany's Der Spiegel.

Well, Aljazeera has journalists on the ground in Gaza - they always have had a presence and they're taking lots of footage of the action on the ground. In a dramatic move, the opposite of censorship, the largest Arabic Language network with teams of English speaking reporters has posted its high-quality full length videos for download under a "creative commons" copyright. That means that with proper attribution, the entire blogosphere and journalists everywhere can rebroadcast these compelling video images. That's sick. Let's have at it. The archive is here.

Here's what the network had to say about their decision to post these videos: We have made available our exclusive Arabic and English video footage from the Gaza Strip produced by our correspondents and crews. The ongoing war and crisis in Gaza, together with the scarcity of news footage available, make this repository a key resource for anyone producing content on the current situation.
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Gaza War - Day 19

Daily Feed About Gaza War

By Sameh A. Habeeb, Gaza Strip, Occupied Palestine

1-Heavy artillery shelling on the central part of Gaza Strip. The area
was showered by tens of shells and a big cloud of strange smoke
covered the area.
2-Heavy fighting between Palestinian fighters and Israeli soldiers.
3-Israeli F16s bombarded the tunnels area in Rafah, many house
partially demolished and fire came into many others.
4-Rockets destroyed the old City Council of Gaza which is a historic
one built in 1910 in the Turkish period.
5-Bombings in east of Gaza and news that many killed near Hasanin clan.
6-Heavy shelling targeted Al Shikh Ijlin area.
7-Medical staff and Paramedics seek to evacuate tens of dead bodies
through the occupied strip, so far 4 dead bodied were found in Atatra
area northern Gaza.
8-Three bodies of dead people still in Johr El Dik area and paramedics
unable to bring them out. Between them an old man and young woman.
9-Bombings from the naval forces into Al Nusairat area leaving many
wounded persons.
10-Naval forces and gunboats shelled many targets in Gaza City.
11-Seven Palestinians killed in the northern area of Bait Lahia as
Israeli drones hit a car and shells rained into houses. Fire set in
many house and several people wounded. Two children were among
victims,Hanan AL Najar and Shefa' Al Mutwaq.
12-Around 10 homemade projectiles fired into Israel leaving no loss nor damage.
13-Palestinian snipers shot at 2 Israeli soldiers in Bait Lahia and
fire RBG shell into Israeli troops.
14-Israeli Apache helicopters open its fire on the eastern part of
Gaza City and the northern areas as well.
15-Three Palestinians killed at Al Shati' Refugee Camp as Israeli
army fired some rockets in the area.
16-Three rockets fired into Israel from Lebanon.
17-People fled their houses in Bir Al Naja area norther Gaza as
Israeli shells rain down.
18-Two Palestinians killed in Israeli bombings for Al Shoka area south
of Gaza Strip city of Rafah.
19-Israeli tanks advanced into the outskirts of Rafah, Abu Muamar area
with heavy fire from the air force.
20-Shells fired at Rafah city from the occupied air port.
21-A shell hit house of Dr. Abed Al Ad, a Hamas member in Toffah area
east of Gaza. Many people wounded in the area.
22-A fire set in fuel station northern Gaza town of Thwam.
23-Tanks shelled Al Zayoun area.
24-Around 10 people wounded as Israeli army shelled a house in
northern Gaza Strip. One of the wounded lets all his 4 limps and he is
in critical situation.
25-A rocket hit an open space near Al Omari mosque in Jablia and no
one wounded.
26-Two people wounded as Israeli army shelled Al Sultan buildings northern Gaza.
27-Two civilians killed, 10 wounded from the residents of Al Shaima'
area due to heavy shelling from Israeli tanks northern Gaza strip.
28-Tens of Phosphorous bombs hit the houses of civilians in north of Gaza.
29-More than 5 people wounded in Israeli strike hit Al Nidr street in
Jabalia town.
30-Two children wounded in the head, a young man and three women
injured in Israeli bombing for the house of Salem Al Naor.
31-A shell hit house of Bashir Abd Rabu mid of Jabalia.
32-One killed and three others wounded as Israeli shells hit house
of Nahed abu Kmail in central areas of Gaza.
33-One Palestinian killed and several wounded bombings Saftawi street
north of Gaza.
34-Phosphorous bombs burned to death Saed Abu Halima and his three
sons! They were only burnt skeletons.
35-Heavy clashes between Palestinian fihters in east and north of Gaza Strip.
36-Three Palestinians killed as Israeli army shelled them at Al
Zaytoun quarter. Several other wounded and they are all civilians.
37-Israeli air force launched air strike on a car western Gaza City
and no news about victims.
38-Phosphorous bombs burned the house of Ashor family. One of the
family members was killed while having his launch.
39-Israeli air force targets a cemetery of dead people destroying
tombs. Many corps and bones threw out in the place.
40-A group of Arab and French doctors arrived to Gaza to help in
saving lives of many wounded people.
41-Rockets hit many fields and empty space in Rafah City.
42-Phospoerous bombs hit many houses in Zaytoun quarter.
43-Medical staff finds a body for Samir Rashi who was executed by
Israeli soldiers 10 days ago.
44-Hamas Radio: Our fighters are seizing five Israeli soldiers in one
house and firing at them!
45-Another car hit by Israeli bombs and 3 wounded in Al Zaytoun quarter.
46-Air strike destroyed a house in Al Nafaq street and many people
wounded mid of Gaza City.
47-Air strike on al Maqousi buildings left 2 people killed and several
wounded. Fire set in many flats and people are trapped in the house.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

JPost: Hamas Not Crumbling, Growing Stronger

The Jerusalem Post, a generally conservative daily Israeli newspaper, today acknowledged that not only is Hamas not crumbling under the 18-day Gaza bombardment, it is in fact growing stronger. Read it and weep for the spilled blood of innocents.

As rockets continue to land in Israel (it is hard to call these home made explosives real rockets, in contrast to Israel's arsenal of sophisticated missiles) it is also impossible for Israel to claim that they've achieved the stated objective of stopping the resistance from reminding Israel of its illegal occupation. So the question becomes: Just what have the Israeli's accomplished with this devastating bombardment and bloodshed? Was it really designed to buy Israeli politicians a few votes before the upcoming election as The Author suggested in a previous post on the subject? Or to pressure Egypt to close the tunnels, as some are saying and has been reported here? And what is the end game?

This is what the Jerusalem Post concluded:

In addition to the heavy casualties, Hamas has lost all its government installations in the Gaza Strip, including police and security facilities, military training centers and ministry buildings....Israel has also destroyed scores of Hamas-linked charities and organizations that were providing the Palestinians with a vast network of social, economic, health and education services...Although Hamas has been hit hard, not a single Palestinian in the Gaza Strip has raised his voice against the movement and its leaders. Hopes that the massive IDF operation would encourage Palestinians to revolt against a weakened Hamas have not materialized...If anything, many Palestinians agree, the Israeli offensive has actually boosted Hamas's popularity and undermined the so-called moderates in the Arab world.

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Gaza War - Day 18

By Sameh A. Habeeb, Photojournalist, Humanitarian & Peace Activist in Gaza Strip.

Daily Feed About Gaza War

1. Israeli war ships bombard two weeding halls, Al Jazeera and Shab palace on Gaza beach.
2. Heavy shelling in East of Gaza City resulted in the killing of many people and injuring several others.
3. Continued artillery attacks on Bait Lahi town.
4. The Israelis destroyed many houses in Khoza'a south north of Kanyounis where 24 citizens were injured by the white phosphorous bombs, most of them are suffering from third degree burns.
5. Expanding bulldozering houses and farms in Khoza'a and Najar neighborhood south north Khanyounis.
6. Killing a woman and injuring a girl in her arm and leg as well as wounding several citizens for their rejection to evacuate their houses.
7. Continual clashes between resistance men and the Israel army on Al Rayyes and Al Sorni hills.
8. Shelling a house belonging to Al Barawi family in Twam, north west of Gaza, four people injured by white phosphorous bombs. Injured people waited for long time until the ambulance men managed to reach them .
9. One Palestinian citizen killed and ten injured on Khnyounis Highway.
10. Targeting Al Ahli Sports Club in west to Nusseirat Camp.
11. Targeting by war planes missiles a house belonging to Al Shanti Family in Nusseirat .
12. Targeting a group of citizens in Nusseirat, four casualties. Ambulance personnel were prevented to reach them.
13. Targeting a house belonging Al Zwaidi Family south of Beit Hanoun .
14. Bombardment by two F16 rockets on farms in Abbassan south of Khnyounis
15. Artillery shelling in an open area near Jabalia refugee camp; three people were injured.
16. Warning rockets at residential areas in Beer Al Na'a Ja west of Jabalia.
17. Detonating an evacuated house in Al Attatra area where Israeli special Forces were inside the house. Al Qassam Brigades claimed one Israeli officer was killed and other soldiers were injured , while the Israeli sources have not referred to that incident.
18. A Palestinian citizen is killed and four other were injured, one of them is serious in Al Falouja while they were trying to get bread for their kids.
19. Alaqsa brigades calim killing 12 Israel soldiers in an ambush south of Baitlahi. Israeil sources kept silent.
20. Al aqsa Brigades shells by home- made artillery Soufa Crossing.
21. Five Palestinian citizens were killed and 10 people were seriously injured near Al Sekka area in Jabalia.
22. Destroying a villa belonging to Mohammed Madi in Raffah..
23. Targeting a group of citizens in Baitlahia, one was killd.
24. Bombardment on a house belonging to Mr. Amin Al Zwaidi for the third time, adjacent houses were affected.
25. Bombardment on Fatouh street close to Mosab Bin Omair mosque , three citizens were killed and several people were injured.
26. Air raids on Jabalia refugee camp where forty citizens were injured.
27. Bombarding a house belonging to Al Najar clan in Khanyounis where Mr. Khalil Ahmad Alnajar age 75 was killed and seven of his family members were injured.
28. Bombarding Raffah border area by 100 F16 to destroy tunnels; 25 houses were destroyed.
29. Thirteen resistance men were killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers south west of Jabalia.
30. Recovering of the dead body of Mikbel Abed Aljarbeeh,an old Palestinian who was killed on the second day of the ground attack. The corpse was found rotten.
31. Eight resistance men are killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers in Tal Al Hawa neighborhood south east of Gaza.
32. The Israeli solders shot dead two Palestinian civilians from Ayyad family in Al Zaitoun Neighborhood and one resistance man was killed by a rocket in the southern area of the same neighborhood.
33. Two Palestinian civilians, Hassan Shtaiwi age 68 and Mamdouh Shaiber age 18 were injured and later died in Al Zaitoun neighborhood.
34. Mr. Jaji Ramzi who was injured on Jan. 6th and then transferred to an Egyptian hospital died.
35. The total toll of the Palestinians victims have been 980 killed and more than 4400 wounded in the War.
36. Naval forces open heavy fire on Gaza shore and many houses were destroyed.
37. A Palestinian Killed in Shikh Ridwan area as a rocket his car and 5 other wounded.
38. Israeli allows some few vans of aids to get into the Gaza Strip. Hoever, Gaza needs thousands of food trucks a day.
39. Israeli Leader: Afghdor Liberman says that Gaza has to be erased from the Map by Nuclear bombs like what Americans used in Heroshima and Nagazaki.
40. Palestinian figthters fired 15 rockets into Israeli settlements.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

UN Human Rights Council Condemns Israel

The U.N. Human Rights Council today adopted a resolution condemning Israel for "grave" violations of the human rights of Palestinian civilians living in the Gaza Strip. Read the Voice of America report, at this address. The article quotes Amnesty International representative Peter Splinter, who notes "...a humanitarian catastrophe is continuing to unfold in Gaza." He says "1.5 million civilians are trapped and exposed to death and destruction...the violence is continuing and the death toll in Gaza is mounting alarmingly." According to Amnesty's web site: Amnesty International has written to the United Nations Security Council calling for the establishment of full accountability for crimes committed in Gaza conflict and for deployment of human rights monitors.

What can you do? Contact your congressperson and express your concern. Contact the Israeli embassy to demand a stop to the massacres. And finally, volunteer to sponsor an American trapped in Gaza so that we can get them out. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is asking for U.S. citizens to step-up and be sponsors for the 130 or so American citizens that are trapped by the Israeli bombardment in Gaza. Children and adults are involved. More on that urgent request here at the CAIR site.

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Gaza Didn't Have to Happen

There are many tragedies involved in the current Israeli bombardment of Gaza. Layers and layers. The tragic loss of innocent life, land and sovereignty. The loss of legitimacy and stability. The loss of hope. This revealing analysis today in the international Christian Science Monitor makes it clear that one of the biggest tragedies of all is that this did not have to happen.

It didn't have to happen. So, WTF is up with that? Well, The Author posted about this very issue way back in March of 08. That's right. Pop Impulse saw this coming, and correctly laid the blame directly at the feet of the Bush administration, Fatah and Israel. I guess the CIA must have missed it. Uh-huh.

Naomi Klein and others are calling for a worldwide boycott of Israel, arguing for the same tactic that finally ended Apartheid in South Africa. A great idea, worthy of support.

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Gaza Update - Day 17

On Day 17 of Israeli War On Gaza, the death toll stands at 920, with wounded at 4200.

By: Sameh A. Habeeb

Israeli military operation is still killing more Palestinians - mostly civilians. The victims are in contrary of the announced aim of targeting militants. Death toll 920 while wounded 4200. Around 350 of the victims are children while 160 are women. Israeli Artillery intensified the shelling scale leaving more victims and destruction. Part of An Israeli rocket hit my cousin's house then mine! Check out the pictures.

Sameh's Daily Feed About Gaza War

1-Heavy clashes in east and north of Gaza Strip. The clashes left many people dead,7, and several injured while many houses destroyed.
2-Intesnive air raids on the borders with Egypt destroyed tunnels and many houses were affected.
3-Palestinian fighters fire Mortar rockets on Israeli tanks.
4-A Palestinian killed in Bait Lahia City and many other injured.
5-Four Palestinians killed in north of Gaza due to heavy shelling.
6-Israeli army destroyed many houses for Kdaih family near the borders in Rafah City.
7-Israeli army bulldozed many houses near Khoza'a area in Khan Yonis.
8-A fire set in Al Zafer Building which includes around 30 flats in Gaza City. The fire happened due to fired rockets form Appachi.
9-Four people wounded in Israeli shelling in Al Zayotun area. Many houses were partially and some others totally damaged.
10-A rocket hit house of Dr. Nazik Al Kafarna in Bait Hanon city, north of Gaza.
11-Two Palestinians killed in fighting near Zaytoun area.
12-Shelling targeted many houses near Zimo crossroads, resulted in totally damage in the place.
13-Local Radios: Israeli army force Palestinian men to get naked and unleash dogs on women and Children in Khan Yonis area.
14-Two Palestinians killed as3 Israeli rockets hit them central Gaza City. Twelve others wounded in the shelling.
15-Bombings targeted Al Burham street in Zayotun area south east of Gaza.
16-Rockets targeted a military post for Hamas fighters in Khan Yonis City mid of Gaza Strip.
17-A Palestinian, Ala' Mansour, killed as Israeli rocket hit his car in Jabalia. More than 20 people wounded mostly children who were playing in the place.
18-Israeli tanks advanced in Atatra area, Bait lahia, under heavy fire from the tanks.
19-More fighting erupted between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters in east south of Gaza.
20-Five children wounded north of Gaza as a rocket hit Saftawi area.
21-Bombings hit farm for Abu Zayda area northern Gaza Strip.
22-Heavy shelling in north of Jabalia town resulted in the injury of several civilians.
23-A paramedic killed in north of Gaza due to F16 rocket hit Hamoda building in north of Gaza. Another civilian killed and many wounded.
24-A car hit mid of Gaza's main park, many people wounded in the place.
25-Ayat Al Bana, 18, killed as rockets hit her house in north of Gaza.
26- Five civilians killed including two women and a child killed between them Amal Muhammad Al-Madhoun, and a man named Shaiboub Shambali from Beit Hanoun.
27- A rocket hit Al-Jaorn neighborhood of Jabaliya. House of Al-Amoudi from the Ayman Juda faction of Fatah's Al-Aqsa Brigades destroyed.
28- Maan: Missiles hit an Al-Masri home in Beit Lahiya as well as the Organization for the injured and Handicapped in the Sheikh Zaid area.
29-More than 35 Palestinians killed today, some from the fighters but mostly all of them are civilians.
30-F16 rockets hit house of Masri family resulted in a total damage for the house. Three Palestinians from the family were wounded in the clashes.
31- Saeed Al Omari,33, died due to his injury in Al Fakhora UNRWA school. The school witnessed a massacre a week ago that left 50 dead from civilians.
32- Drones' rocket targeted house of Al Aqail in Jabalia resulted in partial damage in his house.
33-F16s rockets hit house of Mahmoud Abu Matar in Bait Lahia. The house was burnt and destroyed totally.
34-Israeli tanks shelled office of Interior ministry. One civilian wounded and the office was totally damaged.
35-Bombings target house of Taha in north of Gaza, Twam area. The bombings killed afaf Jum'a and three children wounded from her children.
36-Medical sources found the dead body of child Abd Al Rahman ghaban who was killed by a drone yesterday.
37-Tasneem Al Rafati killed due to a rocket hit her house yesterday in Jbalia town.
38-A Palestinian killed in Jabalia town as a rocket from an Israeli drone hit him. The killed person still not known.
39-Two civilians killed, Jabar Habeeb and Muhammad Jamal Muhamdain killed in east of Gaza.
40-Two Palestinian fighters killed in Shijaya area as an artillery shell hot them.
41-Two Palestinian fighters killed in Zaytoun area during heavy clashes with Israeli soldiers.
42-Medical Sources: Child Jehad Daloul killed due to late wounds he got.
43-Muhammad Al Hadad,19, killed in Al Zaytoun quarter due to a shell fired by Israeli tanks.
44-Thousands of Palestinians left their house in east of Khan yonis due to Israeli bombings.
45-Massive fire erupted in many house in Rafah as Israeli F1s6 destroyed some tunnels.
46-Israeli artillery shells destroyed house of Weshah family in Nusairat Refugee Camp.
47-Naval gunboats fired many houses off Gaza shore near the Sudanya and Nusairat areas.
48-Five Israeli soldiers wounded in the clashes with Palestinian fighters.
49-Al Jazeera: Around 20 Palestinian rockets fired at Israeli settlements.
50-A house for Al Ghoul family bombed in Al Moghraqa area as Israeli air force raided on the place.
51-A house destroyed in Al Maghazi Refugee Camp.
52-More than 52 Egyptian Ambulances arrived to Gaza to transfer some wounded people into outside hospitals.
53-Fighting goes on again, east of Gaza. Israeli air force engages in the operation at the moment early in the evening of Monday.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gaza Day 16 Feed from Sameh Habeeb

By Sameh A. Habeeb, A Photojournalist, Humanitarian & Peace Activist in Gaza Strip.
Daily Feed About Gaza War:

1-Air raids on all points where the military ground operation in the first hour of the day 16.
2-Air raid destroyed the house of Abu Nizar Awadallah in Nasir area south north of Gaza.
3-Bombings near Omar Bin Khatab mosque in Khan younis in time of down praying for Muslims.
4-Extensive bombings on Palestinian Egyptian borders south of Rafah City.
5-A-25-woman killed in Khoza'a area due to Phosphorous bombs in Khan Yonis. Around 50 wounded according to medical sources.
6-Air raid destroyed house of Al Qasam commander, Ahmed Al Ja'bari, in east of Gaza Shijaya area.
7-Shells and rockets rained down in Khan Yonis City targeted open places.
8-A rocket targeted an orphanage and Al Fadila mosque in Rafah City.
9- A Palestinian killed and his father wounded in an Israeli raid in Khan Yonis City central Gaza.
10-Al Quds brigades: three of its fighters killed in Jabalia town.
11-Israeli air force threw thousand of leaflets at Rafah areas near the borders requesting populations to leave their houses.
12-A Palestinian, Baha' Abed 25, years killed and his sister Shaida abed wounded in Jabalia Refugee camp by an artillery shells.
13-A Palestinian killed and 2 wounded in Al zana area east of Khan Yonis City.
14-A rocket hit a car in Rafah and 5 people wounded in Rafah City.
15-Four Palestinian wounded in artillery shelling in Jabalia.
16-A Palestinian killed due to his wounds in Khan Yonis City.
17-Israeli drone fired a rocket towards Al Karama bulidning leaving 4 people dead from one family and an old woman. They area, Ala Bashir 40, his wife Lamia, 40, their son Sohaib, 18, and Jamila zyada 75 years.
18-A Palestinian killed, Ebrahim Salma, 25, killed near Al Krama buildings in bombings from Israeli air force.
19-Artillary shells hit house of Muhammad Khalaf in Jabalia. Two Palestinians from the same killed, the dead are Ebrahim Khalad, 35, and Belal Yahya,19. Around 10 wounded before the Israeli army destroyed the house by bulldozers.
20-Five children killed in Bait Lahia due to Israeli bombings. Two of them are sisters and 7 from others family. The killed ones are, Haitham yaser Ma'rof 12, Jehan, 16, Fatima Ma'rof 16. Two others from Ghaban family whose name are Khawla,16, Sahar,14.
21- Two Palestinians militants killed in Shija'ya area east of Gaza City.
22-A rocket targeted house of Tal'at hamoda resulted in the killing of his two sons. One of them is an infant, Fares 1year and a half and Muhmmad 22 years.
23-Head of Emergency and Ambulances: Death toll 880 and injured 3620.
24-A Palestinian killed in Rafah and several wounded south of the occupied strip.
25-Israeli army raided on the borders with Egypt, many tunnels destroyed.
26-A Palestinian killed in Jabalai evening of today. Around 3 other wounded, medical sources said.
27-Israeli tanks advanced into the Gaza Strip, town of Tal Al hawa. The tanks were faced by heavy fightings resulted in the death of many militants and few civilians. Muhammad Sada, Abd Al Kashif, Ebrahim Hamada, Abdalla Shmalkh, Ali shamalkh, Esam Shamalkh, Mahmoud Shamalk, Muhammd Tatr, Muhammad Al Naji, Ramzi Abu Ghanima and Ata Al Dahdods. They all aged between 18 to 37.
28-An artillery shell hit house of Al Jilb in Tal al hawa area. A 70-year-oldman killed in the attack.
29-A rocket fired from Israeli drone killed a man aged 24, Nour Abu Amish.
30-Local radios: A Palestinian woman who was going to deliver a baby and two of her relatives killed in Bait Lahia City. Many wounded in the place as an artillery shell targeted them.
31-Artilary shells targeted many buildings in Tal al hawa area. Tens wounded and 3 killed including a child aged 4 years.
32-Deadly clashes between Israeli army and Palestinian fighters near Jabal Al Kashif area northern Gaza.
33-A Palestinian called, Osama Abu Rijila, killed by rocket fired from a drone in Khan yonis. Another woman called, Hanan Al Najar.
34-Amnestey claimed that Israeli army is perpetrating War Crimes in Gaza.
35-Two rockets hit the area of Yaromk mid of Gaza, no one injured in the place.
36-Paramdicds found 14 dead bodies "corps" after Israeli tanks retreat from Khan Yonis area.
37-Israeli army targeted house of Awad and Hanya northern Gaza Strip.
38-Continued shells from Artillery canons northern Gaza Strip.
39-Heavy shells on the Gaza port and Al Shati' Refugee camp.
40-Apachi helicopters fired at Al Tofah and Sah'f area east of Gaza.
41-Many buildings destroyed at al Sudanya area.
42-More heavy raids on the borders with Egypt by F16s.
43-More thousands leaflets from Israeli air force in Rafah requesting all residents to leave their houses near Palestinian Egyptian borders.
44-Four people seriously injured in bombings targeted house of Muhammad Al Mutwag in Jabalia.
45-Rocket targeted Al Kahlout family in Gaza City and four people wounded in the place.
46-Palestinian fighters fired 20 rockets into Israeli settlements.
47-More Phosphorous bombs are being used east of Gaza City and this is so clear on the T.V footages going out of Gaza.
48-Humantarian Crisis still exacerbated as no access to water and bread.
49-Medical sector still paralyzed!
50-Hundreds of people flee from Jabalia town to Gaza City.
51-Three Egyptian soldiers wounded in Israeli bombings near the borders.
52-Many ambulances stop due to fuel shortages!
53-Israeli F16s targeted by heavy rockets a house near Ministry of Culture in Gaza. Many houses partially damaged as the area is densely populated. Around 10 people wounded in the place mid of Gaza City.
54-A car hit by Israeli air force in Nasir area south of Gaza City.
55-Two people killed at Al Shija'ya area in Israeli shelling targeted their house east of Gaza City.
56-Israeli naval forces open fire on Gaza shore.
57-Three patients died at Al Shifa' hospital due to their critical injuries.
58-Egyptian Doctors who came to Gaza: "we are shocked about the medical sector here. We have never seen such casualties."
59-Israeli army spokesman, Avehay adra'I denied the use of banned weapons while Many International Ngo's confirmed that Israel is using them. Human Rights Watah confirmed that and consider what's going in Gaza as war crimes!
60- A fire destroyed several factories and buildings east of Gaza near Jabalia Camp.
61-United Nations Training center, SMETH, partially damaged in a nearby bombing targeted a house near the culture ministry.
62- Around 40 wounded people in critical conditions left Gaza to Egypt and Arab hospitals.
63-Israeli F16s raided on a target in the Gaza City, al Zaytoun quarter. The rocket targeted a workshop.
64-Three Palestinians killed in Jabalia, near Al Jorn street northern eastern Gaza City.
65-Air force hovers all over the Gaza Strip in the early house of Sunday evening.
66-Israeli Premier, Ehud Olmert, "the military operation will continue"
67-Total casualties of today only is 30 persons.
68-Another 2 bombings by F16s in Al Zayotun area on some buildings that partially and totally destroyed.
69-Artillary shells in Abasan area east of Khan Yonis City and many people injured.
70-Many people faced suffocation cases in Khoza'a area due to an Israeli artillery shell.
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Israel Extends Massacre - To Pressure Egypt

A report in the Jerusalem Post today reveals that the Israeli military has extended its war in Gaza in order " pressure Egypt" to close tunnels that are the only route for necessary supplies in the face of Israeli blockades -- regular Gaza events. So now we know. More massacres, more dead children, more private property destroyed just to put pressure on a bordering state. For politics, in other words. (image: Mother & Daughter, Dead in Gaza)

Let's be clear. The Israeli government, with full buy-in from the Bush administration and Congress, is quite comfortable collectively punishing all Palestinians in Gaza for political gain. And if you don't yet believe that is exactly what is happening, check out reports from the ground in Sameh Habeeb's Gaza Today blog. Secretary of State Rice is apparently comfortable with the loss of large numbers of women and children as well, based on her statement today that civilian losses were unavoidable. Read that to mean that murdering women and children in Gaza has the full approval of the United States government. The Author sincerely hopes this unfortunate woman will never hold another job again, the damage she has done is deep and lasting. This recommended article contributed by citizen journalists to Global Voices asks the question: How many deaths in Gaza is enough?

But then, politics and oil are at the core of this dispute. A previous post examines the role of the "Jewish Lobby" in the U.S. which was revealed in detail in John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt's fine book (read this review in the London Review of Books).

There is, however, pressure growing. It is not what Israel expects. According to Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz, "About 30,000 took to the streets of Paris to call for an end to Israeli attacks in Gaza, with many demonstrators wearing Palestinian keffiyah headscarves and chanting 'we are all Palestinians', 'Israel murderer' and 'peace.'" A great post in The Galloping Beaver notes that " A crowd of 12,000 gathered in London's Hyde Park carrying placards marked 'Gaza: Stop the massacre' and chanting 'free, free Palestine.' In the western German city of Duisburg, 10,000 people marched." The world is watching and will remember.

Why the Palestinians are Fighting

Rather than engage in an original recitation, The Author defers to some of the leading Jewish intellectuals in Europe and America who signed a letter that was published in England's The Guardian newspaper on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Israel. I discovered this powerful, open letter on Informed Consent: Global Affairs, in a post by Barnett R. Rubin. IC:GA is one of the blogosphere's real treasures and is often associated with another of its distinguished authors, Juan Cole. The entire letter can be found here. I have extracted the verbiage regarding the history of the current conflict.

In July 1948, 70,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes in Lydda and Ramleh in the heat of the summer with no food or water. Hundreds died. It was known as the Death March...In all, 750,000 Palestinians became refugees. Some 400 villages were wiped off the map. That did not end the ethnic cleansing. Thousands of Palestinians (Israeli citizens) were expelled from the Galilee in 1956. Many thousands more when Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza. Under international law and sanctioned by UN resolution 194, refugees from war have a right to return or compensation. Israel has never accepted that right.

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UN: Investigate Israel for War Crimes

A U.N. Commissioner and former judge of the International Criminal Court today called for a U.N. and world court investigation of what are very likely Israeli war crimes in the conduct of the current military campaign in Gaza. Read the full story here.

The U.N. commissioner specifically cites the recent incident where after herding innocent Palestinian civilians into a safe house, the Israeli Defense Force struck the building and destroyed it killing many of the refugees inside. A 3 year-old child and women were among the dead. Add this atrocity to the U. N. School bombed, the 6 medics killed, and the ambulance destroyed by an Israeli rocket attack and the reality of this massacre comes into perspective.

This is especially disturbing in light of Israel's latest statements that the war will be "escalated" in the next few days. The Israeli air force has been dropping leaflets that supposedly warn residents to flee, but the sad fact is that there is no where to go and when a safe house is identified the Israeli's bomb it.

Author's Note: Pop Impulse has been covering the Gaza incursion since Dec. 29th. Please refer to the original post for more background, and then read the daily updates that precede this one.
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Friday, January 9, 2009

WSJ - Israel Committing War Crimes

An opinion article by Hasting College of Law's George E. Bisharat in the Wall Street Journal today said that Israel is committing war crimes in its Gaza campaign. Yes. It's about time a major news organization pointed out the obvious, after days of pro-Israel propaganda from the news-as-entertainment crew who make their living pandering to the fears of the ignorant. In the opening paragraph, professor Bisharat says:

Israel's current assault on the Gaza Strip cannot be justified by self-defense. Rather, it involves serious violations of international law, including war crimes. Senior Israeli political and military leaders may bear personal liability for their offenses, and they could be prosecuted by an international tribunal, or by nations practicing universal jurisdiction over grave international crimes.

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Israel Rejects Cease Fire - Continues Massacre

The government of Israel today formally rejected the U.N. resolution calling for a cease fire and continued the Gaza Massacre that has now seen over 800 Palestinians killed. According to U.N. numbers, the Palestinian dead include 250 children and 60 women as of earlier today. And of course, reports are now confirmed that the Israeli Defense Force prevented the medical evacuation of a civilian neighborhood they had bombed to rubble for four days. When the Red Cross finally came through, they found emaciated children huddled by their dead mothers. Still, no respite. It is a painful incident to witness, by all accounts. Read the details, here. (image from Wikipedia)

Respected voices are asking if Israel is in danger of winning the battle only to lose the war. Time Magazine asks: "Can Israel Survive its Own Assault on Gaza?" in an intriguing analysis piece.

Today, the U.S. Congress passed a resolution supporting Israel's right to self-defense - in what was a clear signal to Israel and the world that the Gazan massacre has our explicit approval and support (source). Mind boggling. And utterly clueless on the part of Congress. After becoming known for our attachment to torture, the U.S. is now on-the-record supporting collective punishment which is expressly forbidden by Article 33 of the 4th Geneva Convention. Uh-huh. That sounds about right. NOT.
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

UN Hit in Gaza, Cancels Aid Convoys

The U.N. today canceled its humanitarian aid convoys after Israel fired on clearly marked U.N. vehicles and killed a U.N. Driver. In the last Gaza Update the author noted that Israel's daily humanitarian ceasefire could easily be a stalling tactic or diplomatic ruse. Well, turns out that's exactly what it was. The first supposed ceasefire actually lasted for only minutes. Then, the IDF started targeting U.N. facilities and personnel. The U.N. school was hit, then the convoys. At the same time the International Red Cross is reporting "shocking" scenes of death and destruction within the combat zone. Read about it here. At this point, it appears that Israel may be dealing with its Gaza problem in the oldest and most primitive of ways. It's an old excuse, we've heard before. "We had to destroy Gaza to save it." So this is the Palestinian Shoah promised by Israeli politicians during the last incursion. Shame. And shame on the international community and the U.S. specifically for not stopping the carnage. Remember, a vast majority of the dead and wounded are civilians including women and children. This is the blood of innocents, which demands justice.
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Don't Shout at the J-Drive

Thanks to my buddy, Tom the Palm Guy, at SUN for passing this vid along today. Just goes to show you shouldn't shout at your hard drives. Can't you just see the sign: Dude, don't shout at the storage. One has to wonder, is this why there are no sub-woofers in data centers?

Israel Strikes Elementary Schools

Today, the 11th day of Israel's relentless Gaza war, marked a truly low-spot in the history of the region as the Israeli Defense Forces struck schools in Gaza (including a UN school that had posted its location and GPS coordinates to multiple authorities) killing 40 civilians, many children, and wounding many more. This single act should forever end the debate around whether Israel's actions constitute a Massacre. If attacking schools and killing children isn't a massacre, well, you know... Read the wrap-up of today's hostilities at the Aljazeera site, here.

Remarkably, the IDF defended its actions claiming hostile fire from the UN facility. Uh-huh. We believe that like we believed Tzipi Livni when she said "...there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza." Rubbish. The UN authorities and well-known NGOs like MSF and Amnesty have all confirmed the obvious. Gaza is in the throes of a humanitarian crisis of epic porportions. All this carnage and mayhem just to buy a few Israeli politicians facing elections some votes? Some say that's all it is. Others say that this crisis is the direct result of the Bush administration's insistence on democratic elections in an inappropriate cultural and political environment. Those election were held, and the Palestinian people elected a Hamas majority to rule the territories. Fatah, the U.S. military and intelligence communities and Israel suddenly had common cause. That's an interesting and provocative line of thought. I posted about this issue in March of 08. Read the post for more information.

Late today the newswires reported that Israel has agreed under pressure to open a humanitarian corridor to facilitate the evacuation and treatment of wounded civilians. It will be interesting to see how the Israeli government will define this scenario and what details, like hours of operation and access, will be provided. Given that the Israeli authorities will not allow a single member of the press into Gaza to document the action on the ground, it is difficult to believe that this gesture is anything more than a stalling device or face-saving diplomatic concession. Time will tell.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Gaza Update - Good News from Turkey

In a positive development, angry and courageous Turkish president Recep Erdogan has taken diplomatic efforts to end the war in Gaza to a new level. Read about it in Debka File's astonished article here. As the most significant non-Arab Muslim country in the region and the site of the last Caliphate, Turkey and its emissaries enjoy special respect and attention. Further, Turkey has played a very constructive role in the region's geopolitical machinations to date. A fact not lost on the other players. The country has even struck a neighborly relationship with Israel and undertaken joint military visits and exchanges. It came as no surprise, therefore, when Turkey arranged recent talks between Israel and Syria. So it is a very significant moment in the current conflict when Turkey takes a principled and unequivocal stand. And that is just exactly what has happened. We'll follow this development with considerable interest and attention. I'm very sure that analysts and government officials in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will do the same. As a final note, this news puts immense pressure on Egypt specifically, and Arab collaborators in general.

Gaza Update - Massacre Continues

As we enter the eighth day of Israel's punishing military incursion into Palestinian Gaza, the casualties continue to rise. The International Herald Tribune is reporting the death of 3 Israeli soldiers, and about 20 wounded. Palestinian casualties are said to have passed 550 dead and 2,500 wounded, many civilians. Many children. Children who manage to survive this furious bombardment and street fighting will likely be scarred for life. Fuck that.

Now, we are hearing stories of significant Israeli war crimes. Collective punishment aside for a moment, reports aired tonight on NPR's "All Things Considered" reveal corpses rotting in the streets; six medics already killed in action while trying to evacuate or treat the wounded; three ambulances destroyed by missiles or tank fire (read about it here); and, over 13,000 civilians displaced within the territory. It is important to remember that the Palestinians were herded into Gaza after immigrant Zionists forced them from their land when the state of Israel was established in 1948. The seven mile Gaza strip is, for all intents and purposes, the world's largest refugee camp. Home to 1.5 million inhabitants. It is surrounded on all sides. By water, desert, walls and tightly controlled borders - a real "hell-on-earth" for most residents. And, of course, there is no escape from the mighty and indiscriminate Israeli Defense Force. Can you say "Sabra and Shatila?"

It is time for the oft-mentioned international community, if indeed one exists beyond narrow national interests, to insist this criminal massacre be halted and final talks on the settlement of all issues be prepared. And what's up with the deafening silence by president-elect Obama and his team? One point is clear to all but the most myopic deniers: The Middle East will never see peace until there is legitimate and sovereign Palestinian state with contiguous borders and East Jerusalem as its capital.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gaza War - UPDATE

Newswires and observers are reporting that Palestinian casualties in the Gaza massacre now total over 500 dead and 2,500 wounded. Read Aljazeera's wrap-up here. According to humanitarian and non-governmental organizations on the ground, about 20 percent of casualties have been civilians including women and young children. One thing we know with certainty is that the almost 1.5 million inhabitants of Gaza are being subjected to a massive and disproportionate response to their feeble attempts to resist occupation and the denial of basic human rights. It is worth noting again that the UN Charter expressly forbids "collective punishment." Even the Israeli newspaper Haaretz courageously called for a cessation of hostilites in favor of diplomacy in this editorial today.

In the previous post, The Author pointed out that Israel sank an American naval vessel in 1967 and has on multiple occasions been caught spying on the US. Last week yet another Israeli spy confessed to conducting espionage in the United States on behalf of the government of Israel.