Monday, January 5, 2009

Gaza Update - Good News from Turkey

In a positive development, angry and courageous Turkish president Recep Erdogan has taken diplomatic efforts to end the war in Gaza to a new level. Read about it in Debka File's astonished article here. As the most significant non-Arab Muslim country in the region and the site of the last Caliphate, Turkey and its emissaries enjoy special respect and attention. Further, Turkey has played a very constructive role in the region's geopolitical machinations to date. A fact not lost on the other players. The country has even struck a neighborly relationship with Israel and undertaken joint military visits and exchanges. It came as no surprise, therefore, when Turkey arranged recent talks between Israel and Syria. So it is a very significant moment in the current conflict when Turkey takes a principled and unequivocal stand. And that is just exactly what has happened. We'll follow this development with considerable interest and attention. I'm very sure that analysts and government officials in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will do the same. As a final note, this news puts immense pressure on Egypt specifically, and Arab collaborators in general.

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