Saturday, February 24, 2007

Joe Bonamassa - Teaching the Blues

Joe Bonamassa was born in 1977 on Robert Johnson's 66th birthday. His dad owned a guitar store in New York City, so young Joe picked up his first guitar at 4 years old. After being mentored by the likes of guitar great Danny Gatton, Bonamassa was "discovered" at 12 by B.B. King - and the rest, as they say, is history. Since that time he has toured with King and Johnny Lang, and garnered the attention of Guitar Player Magazine. He even performed a rare duet with Ted Nugent at a recent gig.

I am personally impressed with Joe's bringing the Blues to the schools program that has him appearing, playing and lecturing at high school campuses across the country. In addition to being a musical genius, he's a prince. Gotta love this guy. His 2006 solo album "You & Me" is quite simply a breakthrough disc. Virtuoso, guitar-driven blues. The inevitable comparisons to Stevie Ray have already begun. If you like the Blues, buy it now.

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