Monday, March 28, 2011

There's Something About A Girl and a Harp

There's just something about a girl and a harp. Especially when that girl is Joanna Newsome. Born and reared in arty Nevada City, a mountainside village which inexplicably is in California next to Grass Valley, Newsome is the daughter of two doctors, attended a Waldorf school, and was then home schooled to keep her from the all the crap in the cultural environment. We won't hold that against her, as it appears to have worked.

Her music is original, fresh, and frankly irresistible. If you listen to much of it, you'll find that it sticks with you. Catchy tunes, thoughtful and offbeat lyrics, and some musical nuances that will impress even hardened critics. Her voice is youthful and unique, and there are those who don't take to it. The author loves the sound of her voice, paired with her ever-present harp. She brings something entirely her own to performances, untainted by outside influence, pure and heartfelt. In a word, she is genuine.  The real deal.

Here's another I love: The Sprout & The Bean. She weaves a story with images & visuals in this well-produced video. Complex on many levels.

If you like these videos, check out my YouTube channel, the "indy" playlist, for more good tunes. #JoannaNewsome

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