Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cancer Breakthrough - Polymer Immunotherapy

Okay, I admit that I'm addicted to Gizmodo and Engadget. Who isn't, right? Occasionally the awesome crew at Gizmodo uncovers an unexpected bit of health technology news, in addition to their regular fare of all things electronic and steampunk. Actually, this post really caught my attention as I've managed to survive two, unrelated cancers. One of those episodes required the dreaded Chemo, replete with the four standard drugs for my particular cancer and the addition of a designer monoclonal antibody targeted specifically to the "brand" of cancer I was battling. The conventional wisdom on Chemo is largely true. It sucks, and takes the recipient to the point of toxicity and near-death to kill the cancer. The good news is that it can work like a dream, as in my case. But the prospect of a new approach that is less violent and life-threatening is heartening indeed. Here's an introduction from the Gizmodo post:
Researchers at Harvard have developed a polymer immunotherapy implant that trains the immune system to become cancer soldiers that seek out and destroy tumors inside the body.

Here is the original technology review.

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