Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Celestial Teapot: First Reported Here

I am pleased to be the first to report that erstwhile game-guru, graphic artist and amateur political commentator, Rob Landeros (DonRoberto) has launched a new blog: Celestial Teapot. Check it out. But be forewarned, he's not happy with the Jr. Senator from NY and her re-position on Iraq.

Rob co-founded Trilobyte and was largely responsible for early blockbuster games including The 7th Guest and Eleventh Hour. Prior to that gig, he was art director at Virgin Games. Nuff said. He's da bomb. Like lots of folks, Rob finds himself frustrated by the current state of the earth, country and politics in general - so naturally, he's taken to blogging. That's when he's not designing web pages, creating works of digital art, or playing golf. Did I mention he plays a lot of golf?

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roberto said...

Thanks for the mention!

My last online publishing effort ( began as a moderate look at politics, art and culture, but as the Bush years wore on, a growing percentage of the magazine became devoted to bashing and ridiculing our bad joke of a preznit.

Today my emerging political nemesis - my psychic bedbug - the person I love to hate - seems to be Hillary Clinton. I was even tempted to pen yet another anti-Hillary post today on the Teapot, but managed to restrain myself. I need to remain well-rounded in my commentary. There are plenty of juicy targets out there other than the calculating, triangulating, war-mongering, Senator from NY.

Oops, there I go again. Give me strength. Hopefully this particular issue will all be water under the bridge a year or so from now.