Friday, July 4, 2008

Dave Maxwell Wins 2008 Blues Award

I've posted about the "maximum blues" of Dave Maxwell before, here. It's not often that The Author gets to post about a blues keyboard artist, there just are not that many great ones around. Sure, Charles Brown is a legend - but he's more of a jazz artist, and he insists on singing which sometimes obscures his instrumental genius. And I've posted about Marcia Ball's talented fingers. She *is* da queen of Boogie Woogie.

When it comes to the Blues, no-one alive today matches the licks of Dave Maxwell (pictured, photo by Peter Waiser). Since I said it all in the previous post referenced, I've just included a new video for your viewing pleasure. And news that the man has just won the 2008 Blues Award - whatever that is. Though unfamiliar with the accolade, I'm sure of this: Dave Maxwell deserves it.

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