Sunday, February 11, 2007

India Rising

The BBC has a wonderful new section that looks at India Rising. Proper role for the Brits, keenly observing as a former colony becomes a true world power. Bit of irony there, or fate - depending on one's point of view. And Mumbai, formerly Bombay, is at the centre of the Indian financial Universe (pic: Mumbai Stock Exchange). In addition to the requisite stories about India's many industrial successes like IT, Steel and tranportation, India Rising carries a wonderful series of pieces that take a look at life in Dharavi, Mumbai and South Asia's biggest slum. Now that's not something one has an opportunity to read about on a regular basis. And when you check-out this BBC special report, don't miss the photoblog of Rani, a rural schoolgirl. This is my idea of great, online journalism. Not many traditional players get it like the BBC. Check out India Rising.

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