Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gypsy Festivals in NYC - Preview Video

Got this from Link TV's new World Music Blog. So the network I love the most now has an awesome music blog. Yeah. I'm aware that Pop Impulse has been a little video-intensive recently. I blame Twitter for taking so much of my time. But I'm addicted, truth be told. So though some long, insightful posts for readers are in the works, I had to share this video of the premier NYC Gypsy Festival. Hope you enjoy it.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Former Interrogator Rebukes Cheney

Thanks to the crew at Brave New Films for this professional and responsive bit of journalism. And let this serve as a warning to those who would re-write history. It's not going to happen. Not this time. Not ever again. This kind of instant "truth squad" will make sure of it. And you've got to admire the quick turn-around. This is what the Internet is all about. Cross-posted from World Impulse.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Orgasm

Mary Roach, author of "Bonk," delivered this almost 20 minute presentation for the TED conference. TED videos never cease to wonder and amaze. Just when The Author figured orgasm was already well understood and documented, this comes along. There's some new information here, guaranteed. And it is so funny and engaging - if you're a bit of a brainiac and unencumbered by primitive moral taboos. Watch and enjoy. Or don't. That's the thing about choice.

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Tingeling Goes Russia

Uh-huh. Scandinavian-Russo sounds from Sweden's Tingeling. European music madness.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Off to Da Big Island

The Author is taking a brief hiatus, vacationing with partner and resident friends on the big island of Hawaii. Ten days of Aloha. Taking "The Divine Husband" as reading material, the laptop, iPhone & iPod. Our friends in Na'alehu have graciously offered their guest room, and we're flying thanks to frequent flier miles. Our final four days will be at a beachfront condo in Kona, so we're going low stress, low budget. Sweet.

Thanks again to the Favara family for their hospitality. As you can see, their home is a suitable destination in paradise. Tastefully decorated with vintage Chinese and Balinese touches inside, and a to-die-for view from the Lanai. So if the VOG will stay away for a few days, all will be perfect. Plans call for a dinner at Hilo's Seaside restaurant and the usual visit to the fabulous Hawaiian Botanical Garden. I'll post a note from the south Pacific if I'm able, or inclined.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Moralism Sucks - Authority Abused Again

Thanks to Mark at Boing Boing for bringing this disturbing video to our attention, via "The Agitator." The piety of fundie moralists is sickening, and it seems, potentially lethal. But we all knew that. Problem is: religious fundamentalism has slowly infiltrated virtually all aspects of American life and infrastructure. No where is this more the case than in local police departments. Sure, this girl has a bad mouth. But really!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not All Teenage Divas Sing Pop

Montreal's Nikki Yanofsky, at 15 years old, aspires to a more sublime sound. Wow. Confident and composed, this Diva-in-training has the energy, technique and style to be around for a while. A good thing. Regular readers know that Canada has some fine musical talent and fantastic annual festivals. This is an artist we'll be looking for on our next trip north. Enjoy.

End Addiction to Plastic Water Bottles

It just doesn't make sense. On so many levels. Not the least of which is the phenomena is a clear prelude to corporate ownership of potable water. Now that's a horrifying prospect. Today's Daily Kos features a wonderful and comprehensive piece by MCJoan, one of the Internet's clearest voices. Her piece, which starts out with a thorough review of Sam Bozzo's new film: Blue Gold: World Water Wars, is point-on as usual. So read it. You won't be disappointed.

In this space I'm focusing on just one aspect of her piece, which I'm reproducing below. It addresses a particular, personal irritation: Plastic water bottles. I confess to drinking my share of San Pelagrino, from glass. What is so inscrutable is the willingness of the masses to fork-out hard-earned cash for "processed" city water. Consider:

The energy used each year making the bottles needed to meet the demand for bottled water in the United States is equivalent to more than 17 million barrels of oil. That's enough to fuel over 1 million cars for a year.

• If water and soft drink bottlers had used 10% recycled materials in their plastic bottles in 2004, they would have saved the equivalent of 72 million gallons of gasoline. If they had used 25%, they would have saved enough energy to electrify more than 680,000 homes for a year.

• In 2003, the California Department of Conservation estimated that roughly three million water bottles are trashed every day in that state. At this rate, by 2013 the amount of unrecycled bottles will be enough to create a two-lane highway that stretches the state's entire coast.

• In 2004 the recycling rate for all beverage containers was 33.5 percent. If it reached 80 percent, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions would be the equivalent of removing 2.4 million cars from the road for a year.

• That bottle that takes just three minutes to drink can take up to a thousand years to biodegrade.

Sources: Earth Policy Institute, As You Sow, Container Recycling Institute.

Water Portal: Wikipedia

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Music Machine - Fantastico

Seven views and no comments? How could that be possible? Doesn't anybody else like this video?

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Chai Masala - Hot or Cold

The Author is very fond of tea. Black, green Oolong, and Chai. Masala Chai is best prepared with fresh spices at home. The following recipe, culled from countless hours of undocumented internet surfing, is the basic and a personal favorite. One adjusts the ingredients to taste. Vanilla Bean may be added for denizens of the Pacific Northwest who are used to it in their Chai.

Make and use your Chai spice mix by weight. For best results, use whole or broken spices, not ground! To make 3 ½ ounces, start with about an ounce of shelled green or black cardamon and a half ounce of cinnamon bark. Then be sure you use some clove and ginger, and make up the weight from your favorites from this list:

  • Allspice, cracked
  • Black pepper, cracked HOT!
  • Cardamon, hulled
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Coriander seed
  • Ginger HOT!
  • Mace and Nutmeg
  • Star anise
  • Fennel
  • Bay leaf

Crack, hull and otherwise prepare your spices. Once blended, the spices can be placed in a cheese cloth bag or large, easy-fill tea filters. Brew a traditional pot of strong, black tea. The Author prefers single-estate Assam or an East Freisen blend. To the tea, add an equal part of milk and the bag of spices. Slowly bring to an easy boil then reduce immediately to a simmer and steep until the aroma is just right. Add sugar or Honey to taste. Remove spice bag and serve.

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50 Cars to make One Bus

So take the bus already. Or at least, share a taxi. Part with the car to reduce carbon emissions and your footprint on the planet. Check out this Swedish news cast covering one creative communications campaign.