Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mourning the Murder of Lucky Dube

Respects to the late Lucky Dube, South Africa's magical Raggae master who was murdered in the presence of his teenage children in Johannasburg today. Dube's velvet-like voice and lush arrangements were well-known the world over. He was a personal favorite in this house, where his music is frequently dialed-up on our system. We've been fans for over a decade, and will miss the artist's commitment to social justice, freedom and love. This unfortunate event begs the question: What's up with South Africa? Crime is out of control, as is HIV-AIDS which afflicts fully 30 percent of the population. It is safe to say that ANC leader and President Thabo Mbeke is a very large disappointment. Good warriors sometimes do not make mature, national leaders. That's for sure.

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