Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Israel Bans Press - Aljazeera Posts Online Videos

In a stunning but not entirely unexpected exercise in state censorship, Israel has effectively banned all members of the press, journalists of all stripes, from Gaza. Press credentials? Don't even think about it. You can't go there. This is a tactic of despots and war criminals, condemned by all. Read this account in the English language version of Germany's Der Spiegel.

Well, Aljazeera has journalists on the ground in Gaza - they always have had a presence and they're taking lots of footage of the action on the ground. In a dramatic move, the opposite of censorship, the largest Arabic Language network with teams of English speaking reporters has posted its high-quality full length videos for download under a "creative commons" copyright. That means that with proper attribution, the entire blogosphere and journalists everywhere can rebroadcast these compelling video images. That's sick. Let's have at it. The archive is here.

Here's what the network had to say about their decision to post these videos: We have made available our exclusive Arabic and English video footage from the Gaza Strip produced by our correspondents and crews. The ongoing war and crisis in Gaza, together with the scarcity of news footage available, make this repository a key resource for anyone producing content on the current situation.
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