Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Cape Breton in October

Okay, I'm excited. Our trip to Cape Breton in October for Celtic Colours is booked. I discovered that starting early really did impact airfare, but it will still be an epic journey from Medford to Halifax. Well worth it. We're going to be attending the very best Celtic Music Festival in the Western Hemisphere for ten days, hiking the Cabot Trail, sightseeing at the old fortress in Louisbourg on the Atlantic, and yes, having a wee dram in the only single-malt Scotch distillery in the hemisphere. Wow.

We're staying at our A-list, first-choice inns. Castle Moffett in Baddeck, the Louisbourg Harbour Inn and Duncreigan County Inn in Mabou. Tickets for the festival, which is Island-wide, aren't on sale until Summer, but I know the playbill will include some great names. After all, Natalie McMaster and the Rankin Family live on the Island. Last year, even Galicia's Carlos Nunez made an appearance. I know the music will be outstanding, as will be the fall colors. Can't wait. More later.

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