Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lakota Souix Secede from US - Declare Treaties Void

Wikinews is today reporting that the Lakota tribe, part of the greater Souix Nation, have formally declared their secession from the United States and further declared void all treaties past and present. (Image: Lakota, Pine Ridge Flag)

Now this is news, and it will probably only get a "news of the weird" mention from the MSM. Parts of five states are involved in this modern day insurrection, led by well-known native American activist Russell Means. The original story appears in the Souix Falls Argus Leader. Means and his group sent a letter to the US State Department and have received a sympathetic reception from Latin American countries with large indigenous populations like Boliva. Given the status and sovreignty enjoyed by Native Americans in neighboring Canada, and the election of native leaders in several South American countries, this is a movement that could grow in size and scope. Means is the man to do it, should it get done. His motivation and background are profound.

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