Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel Targets Hospital & U.N.

According to the International Herald Tribune, the United Nations is "outraged" by Israeli shelling of a clearly marked and well-known U.N. compound in the Gaza Strip war zone. The compound was sheltering refugees and U.N. workers at the time and there were casualties. Read the IHT article for yourself. And then for another perspective on the issue, read today's piece in Xinhua, the official Chinese press.

Previous posts have noted casualty totals, now 13 Israeli dead (some from friendly fire) and over 1,000 Palestinian dead and almost 5,000 wounded. Refugee agencies put the number of internal displaced (by the war) at over 80,000. A massive humanitarian crisis by any definition. And the children, according to this revealing article, are bearing the brunt of the madness. Of Palestinian dead, over 300 are innocent children - many blown to bits by the indiscriminate Israeli bombardment. Savage and barbaric are words that come to mind. Again, just what is the end game? And how can the U.S. and the vaunted International Community stand by and watch these massacres and war crimes unfold?

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