Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gaza War - Day 19

Daily Feed About Gaza War

By Sameh A. Habeeb, Gaza Strip, Occupied Palestine

1-Heavy artillery shelling on the central part of Gaza Strip. The area
was showered by tens of shells and a big cloud of strange smoke
covered the area.
2-Heavy fighting between Palestinian fighters and Israeli soldiers.
3-Israeli F16s bombarded the tunnels area in Rafah, many house
partially demolished and fire came into many others.
4-Rockets destroyed the old City Council of Gaza which is a historic
one built in 1910 in the Turkish period.
5-Bombings in east of Gaza and news that many killed near Hasanin clan.
6-Heavy shelling targeted Al Shikh Ijlin area.
7-Medical staff and Paramedics seek to evacuate tens of dead bodies
through the occupied strip, so far 4 dead bodied were found in Atatra
area northern Gaza.
8-Three bodies of dead people still in Johr El Dik area and paramedics
unable to bring them out. Between them an old man and young woman.
9-Bombings from the naval forces into Al Nusairat area leaving many
wounded persons.
10-Naval forces and gunboats shelled many targets in Gaza City.
11-Seven Palestinians killed in the northern area of Bait Lahia as
Israeli drones hit a car and shells rained into houses. Fire set in
many house and several people wounded. Two children were among
victims,Hanan AL Najar and Shefa' Al Mutwaq.
12-Around 10 homemade projectiles fired into Israel leaving no loss nor damage.
13-Palestinian snipers shot at 2 Israeli soldiers in Bait Lahia and
fire RBG shell into Israeli troops.
14-Israeli Apache helicopters open its fire on the eastern part of
Gaza City and the northern areas as well.
15-Three Palestinians killed at Al Shati' Refugee Camp as Israeli
army fired some rockets in the area.
16-Three rockets fired into Israel from Lebanon.
17-People fled their houses in Bir Al Naja area norther Gaza as
Israeli shells rain down.
18-Two Palestinians killed in Israeli bombings for Al Shoka area south
of Gaza Strip city of Rafah.
19-Israeli tanks advanced into the outskirts of Rafah, Abu Muamar area
with heavy fire from the air force.
20-Shells fired at Rafah city from the occupied air port.
21-A shell hit house of Dr. Abed Al Ad, a Hamas member in Toffah area
east of Gaza. Many people wounded in the area.
22-A fire set in fuel station northern Gaza town of Thwam.
23-Tanks shelled Al Zayoun area.
24-Around 10 people wounded as Israeli army shelled a house in
northern Gaza Strip. One of the wounded lets all his 4 limps and he is
in critical situation.
25-A rocket hit an open space near Al Omari mosque in Jablia and no
one wounded.
26-Two people wounded as Israeli army shelled Al Sultan buildings northern Gaza.
27-Two civilians killed, 10 wounded from the residents of Al Shaima'
area due to heavy shelling from Israeli tanks northern Gaza strip.
28-Tens of Phosphorous bombs hit the houses of civilians in north of Gaza.
29-More than 5 people wounded in Israeli strike hit Al Nidr street in
Jabalia town.
30-Two children wounded in the head, a young man and three women
injured in Israeli bombing for the house of Salem Al Naor.
31-A shell hit house of Bashir Abd Rabu mid of Jabalia.
32-One killed and three others wounded as Israeli shells hit house
of Nahed abu Kmail in central areas of Gaza.
33-One Palestinian killed and several wounded bombings Saftawi street
north of Gaza.
34-Phosphorous bombs burned to death Saed Abu Halima and his three
sons! They were only burnt skeletons.
35-Heavy clashes between Palestinian fihters in east and north of Gaza Strip.
36-Three Palestinians killed as Israeli army shelled them at Al
Zaytoun quarter. Several other wounded and they are all civilians.
37-Israeli air force launched air strike on a car western Gaza City
and no news about victims.
38-Phosphorous bombs burned the house of Ashor family. One of the
family members was killed while having his launch.
39-Israeli air force targets a cemetery of dead people destroying
tombs. Many corps and bones threw out in the place.
40-A group of Arab and French doctors arrived to Gaza to help in
saving lives of many wounded people.
41-Rockets hit many fields and empty space in Rafah City.
42-Phospoerous bombs hit many houses in Zaytoun quarter.
43-Medical staff finds a body for Samir Rashi who was executed by
Israeli soldiers 10 days ago.
44-Hamas Radio: Our fighters are seizing five Israeli soldiers in one
house and firing at them!
45-Another car hit by Israeli bombs and 3 wounded in Al Zaytoun quarter.
46-Air strike destroyed a house in Al Nafaq street and many people
wounded mid of Gaza City.
47-Air strike on al Maqousi buildings left 2 people killed and several
wounded. Fire set in many flats and people are trapped in the house.

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