Tuesday, January 13, 2009

JPost: Hamas Not Crumbling, Growing Stronger

The Jerusalem Post, a generally conservative daily Israeli newspaper, today acknowledged that not only is Hamas not crumbling under the 18-day Gaza bombardment, it is in fact growing stronger. Read it and weep for the spilled blood of innocents.

As rockets continue to land in Israel (it is hard to call these home made explosives real rockets, in contrast to Israel's arsenal of sophisticated missiles) it is also impossible for Israel to claim that they've achieved the stated objective of stopping the resistance from reminding Israel of its illegal occupation. So the question becomes: Just what have the Israeli's accomplished with this devastating bombardment and bloodshed? Was it really designed to buy Israeli politicians a few votes before the upcoming election as The Author suggested in a previous post on the subject? Or to pressure Egypt to close the tunnels, as some are saying and has been reported here? And what is the end game?

This is what the Jerusalem Post concluded:

In addition to the heavy casualties, Hamas has lost all its government installations in the Gaza Strip, including police and security facilities, military training centers and ministry buildings....Israel has also destroyed scores of Hamas-linked charities and organizations that were providing the Palestinians with a vast network of social, economic, health and education services...Although Hamas has been hit hard, not a single Palestinian in the Gaza Strip has raised his voice against the movement and its leaders. Hopes that the massive IDF operation would encourage Palestinians to revolt against a weakened Hamas have not materialized...If anything, many Palestinians agree, the Israeli offensive has actually boosted Hamas's popularity and undermined the so-called moderates in the Arab world.

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