Monday, March 3, 2008

Latin Rhythms Playlist on VodPod

VodPod is a net-based video collection site with some cool widgets. I use one in the sidebar of this blog to enable readers to watch and listen to some of my favorite Flamenco and Fado artists. Today, I'm posting this note so that I can play with a new VodPod configuration in the body of my post. I've selected some tunes and artists from my "Latin Rhythms" playlist, one of several Spanish-language playlists on my personal iPOD. I've posted before about Alt. Mexican music, here. And about Mexican/American Diva Lila Downs, here. This VodPod collection contains a variety of musicians, tunes and styles. Enjoy. And let me know if any of your personal favorites belong on my list.

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1 comment: said...

I love latin rhythms and the VodPod. Musical Instruments are another of my sins, except I'm using it for good in a Sunday worship gospel band.