Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Comics for Adults

The Author is a long-time fan of good comics. What's not to love? Good, engaging stories combined with stylistic, graphic art. Yeah. I read my share as a child, but as a young adult I discovered the "underground" comic world and an addiction was born. It didn't hurt to have a couple of friends involved in the scene as it unfolded.

My friend Michael J. Becker was an pioneering underground comic artist in Berkeley who took an environmental direction very early on in the 70's. Rob Landeros, with whom I work today, was also a contributing artist to the movement. Rob took that experience and leveraged it into a key role in the computer gaming world. And my late partner-in-crime, Joe "Jose" Kent, represented Victor Moscoso and Rick Griffin. As a result, I am the proud owner of a signed copy of "The Gathering of the Tribes," the poster that launched the hippie movement, and, "Mescalito," which celebrated a certain psychedelic cactus. Jose was responsible for some of the best-known concert and Love-In posters of the time. Like the Grateful Dead posters that used to blanket the Bay Area during concert season. I remember him for his pension for dreaming-up odd ceremonies, like the infamous "circle-of-filth." And for his sarcasm and humor, but I digress.

My own collection of underground classics includes multiple issues of Skull; Insect Fear; Deviant Slice; Young Lust; Mr. Natural; Zap and the obligatory Freak Bros. And yes, I rather like the edgy, filthy and utterly depraved stuff as it stretches the imagination and often lends itself to outrageous art. After decades of life, it appears, there's still a rebellious youth lurking in the fringes of my personality. Yeah! Feed me, feed me. With that in mind, I was delighted to find on Boing Boing a video trailer for Tommy Kovac's newest SkeleBunny series which hit the shelves just last month. Read the post. Check out Tommy's Website.

Nasty SkeleBunnies, doing Satan's bidding. Total deprivation. Feed me. Check it out:

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