Monday, January 7, 2008

Libertarians & Lefties Agree - FOX News Sucks

If it isn't already clear, I despise FOX News and all that it stands for. A dispicable propaganda machine, FOX commentators all appear to me to be reactionary, racist idiots. Much of the progressive Left agrees. I've featured videos from Brave New Films on the subject in this previous post, here.

Now, check out the supporters of Republican/Libertarian candidate Ron Paul chasing Sean Hannity, one of the FOX Networks worst offenders, and his crew from a restaurant down the street back to their hotel in New Hampshire. Got this one over at Larissa's RAW Story. Delicious footage of very angry activists. Dainty Dems should take notice. This is the "proper" way to deal with yellow journalism and faux news personalities. Yea.

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Anonymous said...

FOX does suck! AGREE, AGREE…I believe people ought to stop watching FOX altogether, bet that will make a change in their programming. They rely on what they consider to be an ignorant American audience to broadcast to every night. They express their views and opinions in an effort to sway Americans beliefs on current events for their own narcissism. If you are truly an informed American stay away from Fox and their idiocy and learn to gain your own knowledge based on facts and not overemphasized fabricated stories created by a network that thinks you are too stupid to ascertain otherwise. STOP WATCHING FOX! I stopped watching FOX altogether about 4 years ago and trust me, better yet trust you. I did, and in view of the fact that I dismissed that hideous network from my programming schedule; I have not missed much.