Monday, February 5, 2007

Whine of the Week

Under the category of: Did He Really Say That? In one of the most ill-advised and counter-intuitive whines I've heard recently, the Financial Express is reporting that Sony Computer Entertainment America Spokesperson Dave Karraker recently said: "Wii could be considered an impulse buy more that anything else, but we believe the PS3 will be the console to attract hardcore, committed gamers, while Wii will do little beyond satisfying new and casual players."

Damn. Seems to me that satisfying new and casual players is the space to occupy. But no, Sony introduced the Ford Expedition of gaming consoles for the truly hardcore. Uh Huh. And just which market do you think will be the biggest? Not to mention that Wii has re-defined gaming, gotten it off the couch, roped in a bunch of girl-gamers and extended the market far beyond its previous demographic. Could Sony be worried? One of my first posts, just after the holiday gift-buying season, declared Wii the winner. Don't see any reason to change my opinion now. And this really catty reaction from the Sony shill is the recipient of the very first Pop Impulse Whine of the Week award.

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