Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cape Breton's Celtic Colours

We're back from a fantastic, highly recommended holiday to the Celtic Colours music festival on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. And yes, Nova Scotia really *is* "New Scotland". The sights, sounds, accomodations and country cuisine were outstanding, as I will detail in future posts. And the music is fabulous, authentic and heartfelt. My partner and I felt like we'd been invited into an intimate, family get-together. A real Celtic Ceilidgh (pronounced "kay-lee").

I'll be posting about the music we heard in five, unique concerts (once I wrangle some authorized images from the media folks at the festival); the Island's history and culture; the array of traditional arts and crafts that are still practiced in this rural setting, and the Eagles that fly over Alexander Graham Bell's home on the Bras d' Or. But I thought I'd start out with a slideshow of pics we took while traveling the Island and its very beautiful and famous Cabot Trail.

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