Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change Has Come to America

It is with very great pleasure indeed The Author witnessed the end of a long, dark night in American history. As the helicopter arose from the Capital to take George W. Bush out of Washington and government, my heart rose and a great sense of relief flooded my being. Profound relief. Change has finally come to my homeland. For the first time in ages I feel like flying the flag, pounding my chest, pledging my allegiance all over again. How cool is that? I know that there are like-minded individuals worldwide who are sharing this special and historic moment, and that makes me feel strongly connected to the world and re-committed to peace and justice for all people.

With an approval rating over over 80 percent, President Obama will enjoy a rare opportunity to leverage the good will and energy of the masses to move his agenda forward. It sure doesn't hurt that the man is a mesmerizing and inspiring orator. His voice, his cadence, his sincerity give him that illusive "voice of authority," so valued in great leaders. I believe that he will be a great leader, which motivates me to be a great and loyal citizen. Let the fireworks and celebrations begin!

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