Monday, March 31, 2008

Seville's Spring Fair

The Author is retiring for three weeks of holiday to the Iberian peninsula. I'm not anal enough to have pre-written ten posts and stored them with images and links on a Net-based blog publisher. No, I'm going to walk away for a spell and rest my brain and my fingers. That said, I may venture by an Internet cafe and post a short update at some point. Or not. The really good news is that my partner, Lupe, and I are traveling to party and listen to lots of new music which I will then dutifully report on in future posts.

We're not just going to any party. We'll be attending the annual Seville Spring Fare in Spain, arguably the country's biggest and most music-driven event of the year. (Seville at night and street fair pictured) So we'll be listening to lots of Flamenco and fine Gitano musicians. There'll be drinking (of course), dancing and bull-fighting for a week of unparallelled revelry. Yea, that's what I'm talkin' about.

While I'm away, I'd like to suggest regular readers take the opportunity to check-out the sidebar contents for previous posts that may be of interest. Or, you can go to a new Pop Impulse partial post list web page, here. There are lots and lots and lots to check out (over 220 posts). For example, one could take a tour through the "music & bands" category. Most posts have links to artist websites and videos. From Cuban Surf Rock music here, Alt. Mex here, to the blues here, here and here. Or, one could check out some cool places like Cape Breton Island, Madrid, Venice and that Treehouse bed and breakfast in Cave Junction, Oregon. Gluttons for punishment can groan and stress their way through multiple posts on consumers, the economy and the sub-prime meltdown. Have at it. I'm outta here in the morning.


Tere Shabi said...

Hi, Charlie. I'm Tom Favara's daughter, Tere. Just wanted to say that I'll be looking for you during the feria in Sevilla. We live just an hour mas o menos south on the coast. Have fun!!

The Author said...

We´re staying at the Alcoba del Rey in the Macarena district for two more nights. Call or leave a message for us there if you´re in town for the fair (now that it´s stopped raining). We´d love to take you to dinner or chat if it´s easy for you.

Tere Shabi said...

Hola! I just read your response. Hope we didn't miss you guys. We would love to get together if you're still in Spain. If you are, you should come down south to our local ferias. Jerez is supposed to be the best and it's only about 30 minutes away from us. Look forward to hearing from you. Hasta luego!