Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pimp my PC

Chrome spinners for the Impala? Hell no. Pimp my PC. It was bound to happen. Hot colors, specially formulated surface coatings, copper upgrades to speed cooling, the pimped-out PC. For a premium price, we can all now join serious A-list gamers - who have always sported the sickest gear. Check out the color selections at Then point your browser to and check out their take on the pimped puter. But be prepared for dazzle and glitz. Geek bling.


Paul said...

Of course pimping a PC doesn't have to be about chrome, neon and bling.

I just posted about a custom paintjob I did on an old PC, now interested in finding other examples of computers sporting original art.

Can't seem to find much except for example this cool gallery of original PC cases. Have you seen much like this?

The Author said...

Okay, this is the first care-bear laptop I've seen. Great custom paint job. Beyond the sci-fi monster gaming boxes and companies I cited, I don't know of anybody doing this. Sorry to be so little help, but with your talent, who needs a 3rd party job? I enjoyed the gallery link you included. Thanks for adding that value. S'pore, huh? Had a buddy there with SUN for 5 years. Fly & fix team for the heavy metal. Probably some running Oracle apps. Small world.