Thursday, February 26, 2009

J-Pop Redux

Over two years ago, The Author posted this blog's first note about J-Pop. That was way fun. The Japanese popular culture scene is rich and storied. Think Harajuku (Wiki Commons image: Harajuku girl) and Fresh Fruits.

That first post covered some of the icons of J-Pop, and a personal favorite, Shiina Ringo. Ringo (pictured right), often described as born sick and needing immediate surgery, is a unique talent in J-Pop.

Shiina is a rebel who has always gone her own way. And judging from the length of her Wikipedia entry, she's into details. I'm only in the mood for this kind of stuff on occasion, but when the urge hits, the music of Shiina Ringo is often where I go. Check out these videos. The first is pretty standard rock, the second definitely isn't.

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