Thursday, January 8, 2009

UN Hit in Gaza, Cancels Aid Convoys

The U.N. today canceled its humanitarian aid convoys after Israel fired on clearly marked U.N. vehicles and killed a U.N. Driver. In the last Gaza Update the author noted that Israel's daily humanitarian ceasefire could easily be a stalling tactic or diplomatic ruse. Well, turns out that's exactly what it was. The first supposed ceasefire actually lasted for only minutes. Then, the IDF started targeting U.N. facilities and personnel. The U.N. school was hit, then the convoys. At the same time the International Red Cross is reporting "shocking" scenes of death and destruction within the combat zone. Read about it here. At this point, it appears that Israel may be dealing with its Gaza problem in the oldest and most primitive of ways. It's an old excuse, we've heard before. "We had to destroy Gaza to save it." So this is the Palestinian Shoah promised by Israeli politicians during the last incursion. Shame. And shame on the international community and the U.S. specifically for not stopping the carnage. Remember, a vast majority of the dead and wounded are civilians including women and children. This is the blood of innocents, which demands justice.
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