Monday, March 19, 2007

Ian Murdock Joins SUN

Sun Microsystems (SUNW: Nasdeq) today announced the appointment of Ian Murdock to the position of Chief Operating Platforms Officer. Murdock posts about the move on his weblog today.

A legend in the open source software community, Murdock will retain his title and role as chair of Linux Standard Base (LSB), the Linux platform interoperability standard group. Prior to joining Sun today, Murdock was Chief Technology Officer of the Linux Foundation. He co-founded Progeny, a major Linux distributor; and, was founder of Debian (a combination of the first three letters of his wife Debbie's name and his own first name), arguably the first, decentralized open source project run by volunteers.

On his weblog, Murdock is coy about his charter - but allows that working to close the interoperability gaps between Sun's Solaris operating system and Linux will be a priority.

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