Monday, September 28, 2009

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Makes Woman Go Blind

And then, the insurance giant made her watch her daughters as they follow down her path. Disgusting. Can anybody at all tell me why we need greedy, profit-driven, third-party insurance companies like Blue Cross/Blue Shield in the health care delivery system in the first place? No? I didn't think so. If you still believe your in better hands with these capitalist insects than in the hands of your very own government, watch this. If you're still not convinced, do us all a favor and jump off a bridge.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Will Ferrell Sticks It

Sure, there needs to be a greedy middleman in the healthcare equation. It's the American way. We want to give our hard-earned cash to Insurance giants who really, really care about us. Not like the evil government, oh no. I can count on my Insurance company to: raise my rates and my deductible on an annual basis like clockwork; to meddle in my private health care decisions; to contest virtually every claim; to pay only a percentage of costs leaving the rest for me to cover; and finally, to dump my sorry butt as soon as they are able. But that's who I want administering my health care program, deciding on my treatments, drugs and end-of-life care. Uh-huh. What can I count on the government for? What? National defense? Transportation infrastructure? Medicare? Pell grants for my college students? The court system? Air traffic control? You get the picture. Now watch this:

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Conservative Argument for the Public Option

Okay, let's make it simple. The public option in the current debate refers to proposals to have a single-payer national health insurance program included as an "option" in health care reform. The public option is more efficient; it has lower administrative costs; it is fair, and it is cheaper than any of the alternatives. That's right. Folks scream about Medicare, but it works and works for less than all other private insurance schemes. Makes sense. Private companies are all about profits, not service, not care, not your health and well-being. Get it? This video presents the "conservative" argument for the Public Option. It makes a clear and compelling case, don't you think? Leave me your comments.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Help Reform Health Care

Help "Change Congress" put this ad on the air in Arkansas, where a blue-dog Democrat named Mike Ross is standing in the way of health care reform. Time to put our $$ to work getting the insurance giants and vested health care industrial complex sorts off our collective backs. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We've been trying, without success, to get this done since Teddy Roosevelt (a well-known Republican) put it on his agenda about a century ago. This add feature Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. It is phat, a totally hard-hitting, fact-filled shot across the bow. Time somebody called these small-minded jerks out. Thanks Keith, thanks Rachel. Now do *your* part and match or one-up my $35 donation to the cause.