Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pop Impulse Blogroll

The Author spends an inordinate amount of time surfing through the Blogosphere, landing at random blogs driven by Google's Blogger Play widget, following links, chasing down Twitter referrals and checking out the blogrolls of my favorite Netizens. I'm pretty sure that its risen to the level of an addiction, but it's a sweet one. The siren song; at least for the obsessively, incurably curious, is irresistible.

A number of these blogs are featured on my own personal blogroll, located in the right-hand sidebar. If you scroll down far enough, you'll find it. This post focuses on a few blogs of note.

First, and a daily read for this blogger, is Boing Boing. In all but political years when Daily Kos tops the charts, Boing Boing is the center of the Blogsophere. A truly wonderful compendium of all things new and cool, the site is anchored by some of the most respected mavens in the business including Sci-Fi author and Renaissance man Corey Doctorow and former Wired Magazine editor Mark Frauenfelder. Frauenfelder, also a comic book illustrator, author and publisher is a personal favorite. I've just discovered Dinasours & Robots, a blog he co-authors about cool and unique objects. His eye for authenticity, folk art, steam punk and irony in general make him a fascinating reporter. His passions appear to mimic mine in a lot of areas, and he finds way cool stuff that I could never uncover. We corresponded during the period of time that I was building a web presence and public visibility for the Matinee at the Bijou project. I found him to be a regular guy who made communication easy and enjoyable.

I also enjoy the musings, opinions and discoveries of Gina Smith - an long-time colleague who I posted about in a previous article. I follow both Mark and Gina on Twitter, which gets me into their heads on an even deeper level. Check out the Pop Impulse Blogroll for more great reads.

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