Monday, February 9, 2009

Obama to Congress: Pass the Stimulus

Echoing the overwhelming will of the American people expressed so clearly in the November general election, President Obama tonight asked Congress to get busy and pass the much-needed stimulus bill.

The Author was very impressed with the content and substance the president's first press conference earlier this evening. Finally, a president who clearly understands the problems we face and the range of solutions that we need to bring to bear on these challenges. Now if the clueless Republican opposition would stop political posturing, end their obstructionism and put America back to work.

Of special note, was the president's unequivocal placement of blame for the economic crisis and the budget deficit directly at the feet of his predecessor George Bush and his Republican party cronies. Please, read the post immediately below to get an understanding of how and when this crisis arose. And if you know a banker or a diehard Republican, maybe its time to confront those individuals for their role and that of their failed policies in our current pain. Bipartisanship, you say? Bah. Not in this lifetime. If you or your family is feeling stressed out by the economy, burdened by the pain of unemployment and a loss of confidence and hope, go ahead and blame the Republicans and their banker friends. Don't be shy. You're in good company.

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