Wednesday, December 12, 2007

There's Something About Gina

While I'm focusing on friends' blogs, I must say that long-time friend Gina Smith's web presence is pretty pervasive. I added a link to her fine blog, I'm Gina Smith, to my blogroll some time ago. And she's been kind enough to give Pop Impulse a nod and a link.

Is Gina the queen of high-tech mavens? There was a time when Esther Dyson occupied that throne, but IMNSHO Gina has emerged from the last decade-and-a-half as the clear monarch of mavens. She's certainly earned the title.

Gina's background is best captured by John Simonds in this interview, though he misses the fact she speaks five or six languages. Gina started in a modest technical writing gig and from there went to PC Week as a reporter. I met her at that point in her career and we've been friends since. Never one to rest on her laurels, Gina moved up to become editor-in-chief of E2; and, technology correspondent for the ABC Nightly News, Good Morning America and Nightline for 5 years. She wrote the Inside Silicon Valley column for the SF Chronicle for over a decade; and she's now a YouTube video star for Infoworld, an occasional contributing columnist to Computerworld, and published author. Her books include: iWOZ, written with and about Steve Wozniak; and, The Genomics Age. Check out this article she recently submitted to Computerworld about the individuals who shaped the computer industry. Gina is married to a wonderful and intelligent gentleman, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions, and she's the mother of an adorable three year old boy. There are a lot of blogs in the blogosphere, Gina's is one of the few I read with regularity.

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