Thursday, June 12, 2008

Split Supremes Affirm Rights of Detainees

The Supreme Court got it right, for once. Barely. On a split, 5-4 decision the Court today decided in favor of Gitmo detainees and against the administration of president George W. Bush. Surprised?

I don't know what surprised me the most...that five members of the current court would actually affirm the constitutional right to a fair trial; or, that four conservative members of the court found a way to leave the constitution behind. Read the NY Times coverage of the story here. Then check out the LA Times Q&A on the issue, here.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain has already reassurred the radical right about his intentions to continue to appoint hyper-political, conservative jurists to the high court. Like we need more Scalia clones to tell us all in endless "ninograms" how to live and act. I don't think so.

Of course, the "torture president" immediately disagreed with the ruling. No respect for the separation of power from this crew, unless it results in rulings in their favor. No surprise there. The Author is mindful of the important role the court plays in the success of our democracy. That's why continuing the trend of partisan, radical-rightist appointments established by the Bush administration is not an option if we value our freedom, privacy and rights.

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