Thursday, June 12, 2008

Take My Budweiser, Please!

You've got to be kidding. American politicians are lining up to oppose the sale of Budweiser manufacturer, Anheuser Busch, to Belgian brewer InBev. Read the Huffington Post story here. Is there no limit to the pandering of politicians during election cycles?

American beer drinkers should be incensed. InBev makes European standards Stella Artois, Becks Beer and St. Pauli Girl; three of the finest brews available. And the company also owns Labatt's of Canada, Australia's Castlemaine XXXX and Brazil's wildly popular Brahma Beer.

Not only would this acquisition make InBev the largest beer brewer in the world, it would provide American Beer drinkers access to Europe's far superior beer brewing technologies and traditions. A good thing, take it from me. If you can't bring yourself to admit the hopeless inferiority of most American mass-produced beer, conduct your own experiment. Buy a bottle of Stella, a bottle of Becks or St. Pauli Girl; and a bottle of Australia's Castlemaine XXXX. Blind taste any or all of these against an American Bud and decide for yourself which company you'd rather have brewing your beer. I'm guessing there'll be no contest.

That said, The Author remains a big fan of locally produced micro-brews. After all, this blog originates in the great American Pacific Northwest - home of the finest micro-breweries in the US. But if one judges global companies by the quality of their products, InBev certainly ranks right at the top of the beer sector of the beverage industry.

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