Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Old, Luddite President? No Way!

There has been a lot of talk about the age of Republican presidential nominee John McCain. If elected, he would be 71 years old when inaugurated.

Is 71 too old to be president? Yes, duh. Come on, the man lives in a different age. He has an older, less adaptive and flexible perspective. How can he hope to keep up in a world that changes as fast as this one? How can we hope to survive and prosper with this aged relic at the helm? Not happening. And who can account for all those flip-flops and slips of the tongue. You can't, for example, believe his statement today that it's not too important when US troops come home from Iraq. Not too important? How clueless is that?

Also today, McCain copped to total PC phobia. That's right. No PC, no Mac for John. He admits to turning to his wife for technology support. Uh huh. OMG. That's worse than George Bush senior wondering what purpose a bar-code scanner served at a grocery check-out line. Can you say "out of touch?" Good grief, I'd expect *my* president to have scanned about two dozen MSM sites and Alt-media blogs by about 6:30 a.m. every day. I'd expect the next president to depend, like we all do, on his (or her at sometime in the near future) gear and his tech savvy to stay ahead of the curve. For heaven's sake, even Bollywood is blogging like mad and the Queen has a YouTube channel. Can we afford a Luddite chief executive officer? I don't think so.

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