Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Partners in Health - Paul Farmer's Miracle

Dr. Paul Farmer (pictured) is a modern day saint. There is simply no doubt, or argument on that point. I first became aware of the man and his work when my eldest daughter, an anthropology graduate, gave me Tracy Kidder's fine book on Farmer and his work in Haiti: Mountains Beyond Mountains. I've posted about that book and Dr. Farmer's work before, here.

A very recent 60 Minutes on CBS had a segment featuring Dr. Farmer and his clinic in the poorest part of Haiti. If you haven't read the book (buy it from Amazon), or if you have and you missed the opportunity to see Farmer and his clinic, check out this video on the Partner's in Health web site.

Kidder, one of America's finest authors and biographers, described Dr. Farmer in these words:

"And I was drawn to the man himself. He worked extraordinary hours. In fact, I don’t think he sleeps more than an hour or two most nights. Here was a person who seemed to be practicing more than he preached, who seemed to be living, as nearly as any human being can, without hypocrisy. A challenging person, the kind of person whose example can irritate you by making you feel you’ve never done anything as important, and yet, in his presence, those kinds of feelings tended to vanish. In the past, when I’d imagined a person with credentials like his, I’d imagined someone dour and self-righteous, but he was very friendly and irreverent, and quite funny. He seemed like someone I’d like to know..."

One more thing. Please consider making a regular donation to PIH. We do, or I wouldn't ask. The Author's family makes an automatic quarterly donation to this more than worthy effort. After all, the health and soon nutrition of the poorest of the poor depend on Dr. Farmer, PIH and us.

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