Friday, May 23, 2008

Avoid Jet Lag - Fast Before Traveling

No one likes jet lag. The biological clock-based affliction officially classified a circadian rhythm sleep disorder, is a real traveler's bane. The Author is not one to treat serious substances like Melatonin lightly, in the absence of mountains of reassuring research, so that is not an option. Having tried and dismissed most common remedies, it was a pleasure to read today in the Internation Herald Tribune about a new study that offers a more palatable treatment, or preparation in this case. This article reveals that it is entirely possible to "turn-off" our biological clock - the culprit in jet lag. That's right. You can just turn it off, with a little advanced planning and effort. And a modicum of willpower.

The study authors suggest fasting (read: starving yourself) for at least 16 hours before that upcoming trip abroad. That's no food at all, BTW. Seems that based on scientific investigations, this approach is successful in turning off one's biological clock for a spell. Makes sense when you think about it. Starvation takes the body out of its normal, well-fed routines and internal timekeeping is suspended to enhance the search for food - an immediate need at that point. So simple, so elegant. Why didn't we think of that before?

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