Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pop Impulse Endorses Hillary

I am taking the occasion of the first anniversary of this blog and risking the ire of half my friends to post about a serious matter. The next president of the United States will face a very challenging term; unraveling Bush & Cheney's destructive mischief, settling lingering Middle East conflicts including but not limited to Iraq, and restoring our national reputation abroad as a serious superpower. The next CEO of the country will have to do all of that in the face of serious economic and geopolitical crises. After serious consideration and months of vacillating, I've decided that Hillary Clinton is best equipped by education, experience and temperament to get the job done.

Yes, I know that no candidate has lifted us up like Barak Obama since JFK. But at the end of the day, I believe we need a president who will do the difficult work required to dig us out of this hole. Stay up late at night making her brain hurt doing the people's work. A president who will be focused and relentless. Tough times demand extraordinary, tested leadership. That's why I'm endorsing Hillary for president. The Republicans put us into this horrible position, and they may just nominate a radical cleric as their candidate. (Look, the Neo-Cons and the Christian conservatives showed us their stuff, and it stunk.) So like most of the rest of the nation I'll be voting for Democrats.

Hillary is our best choice. And, she's earned it in case you've forgotten. This woman has proven strength and durability. She's stood up to the drug companies once, and as president I'm certain she'll finish the job she got started before the fall of reason. When nobody said it possible, she convinced rural, upstate New Yorkers to give her a try and now has stratospheric approval ratings as NY's junior senator. That's because she listens, and works hard to solve problems. And unlike several Republican candidates that come to mind, when Hill had her famous family problems, she worked them out while enduring relentless scrutiny and attack. Worked them out and kept her family together. Nobody can argue she's not tough enough for the job. And finally, I'm supporting Hillary for a very male reason. I know that I can trust her to make the bastards pay, as they should, for ruining my country. You see, Hillary has felt the wrath of the infamous cabal of angry Christain white men and borne the attacks of corporate character assassins, and she's still coming on strong. That's the kind of motivation that this author is looking for in a presidential candidate.


roberto said...

Upon learning that this blog is endorsing Hillary, my head almost exploded trying to reconcile my respect for Yo-Duh and this particular political judgment, like one of those Star Trek computers that self-destructs upon being presented with a logic paradox by Capt Kirk.

The best argument presented here - and one that I've not seen elsewhere - is the revenge factor. That would be sweet. If we can't have Obama's coalition of national consensus that transcends boundaries of age, class, race, party, etc., then perhaps President Hillary will use her unitary executive powers to round up old political enemies and send them off, without writ of habeas corpus of course, to a black site somewhere in eastern Europe to enjoy a little waterboarding R&R. (After all, according to Kit Bond, it's like swimming)

I suppose if Bush/Cheney were included in the purge, that would throw a big wet towel on Bill's buddy-buddy relationship with papa Bush.

The Author said...

Ah, grasshopper. There is a time for national unity governments with bipartisan participation, and there are times to set things right and make evil-doers pay. Obama's people called Yo-Duh personally and bragged about his inclusiveness and willingness to appoint Republicans to his cabinet. Not a good idea. After 8 yrs. we know just who the devils are. Why include them at our table? It is our turn to eat now. Yo-Duh wants hearings, investigations and trials. Not Republicans in the cabinet. We believe that Hillary is of the same mind, regardless of her hapless husband's buddyship with 41. Our advice, turn the girl loose and let her have at it.