Thursday, January 10, 2008

Please Comment on BLM's Ill-Conceived WOPR

I live in rural, southern Oregon. The federal government, specifically the BLM, is getting ready to implement a massive giveaway of public, old-growth forest to a few timber companies. They call the program WOPR, Western Oregon Plan Revision. Some revision. Clear-cutting is planned in old-growth stands and along salmon streams. Real bright, that. The BLM is also taking the opportunity to open-up pristine land to an army of motorized, off-road vehicles when there are thousands of acres in the Cascade range already devoted to that purpose. It's disgraceful, take my word for it. My home is next to some of the areas under discussion and this is a very close and important issue for me and my family. Check out the top-ten reasons why this plan is a bad idea here. And then read this synopsys. Thing is, you've only got until Friday at midnight to post a comment. The good news is that you can do it by email.

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