Saturday, March 14, 2009

Surplus Shipping Containers for Housing

The world is in a global economic depression, as we all know. Depressions, especially this one driven by home foreclosures, result in a significant loss of income and housing while increasing unemployment. Not a pretty picture. So we downsize our homes and our expectations. We make do, adapting to changing times. Tent cities, like the one growing daily outside Sacramento, California, are not the answer. For at least some, the surplus of shipping containers just might be the short-term solution to homelessness.

I am taken by the story of New Mexico cousins who came up with the idea for affordable, easy to construct housing based on ISO standard shipping containers. The company is called PFNC: Global Communities. The acronym? Por fin, nuestra casa. Or in English: Finally, a home for us. Check out the crew's Website and their inspiration. The plan was recently awarded Notre Dame University's business school prize after several years of preparation and competition. Props to the crew for that, and for the viral explosion of favorable coverage they've been able to earn for their breakthrough concept. If you don't believe that viable, affordable housing is possible based on the enormous surplus of shipping containers, take 42 seconds at do the video walk through. The Author was impressed. I think you will be too.

For more information on other, container-based housing units, check out this list.

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roberto said...

Nice, but a bit sparse on the windows.

A double wide would be better. Stacked better still.