Thursday, March 19, 2009


The Author enjoys Portuguese Fado almost as much as the ancient Celtic tunes remembered from childhood and years of NPR's Thistle & Shamrock. The music of my Celtic ancestors reflects so accurately the rhythms of life and the land.

Fado is all about the rhythms of the heart and emotions, and the embodiment of loneliness and longing. Powerful longing that rises up in the songs of the Fadistas. A previous post celebrates the new generation of artists that perform the Fado and yet another article cites an upcoming concert by Mariza that I will be lucky enough to attend. That post includes a video. So why another video today, and another Fadista? Dulce Pontes version of Fado Portuguese and the accompanying video does the best job yet of communicating the soul of the genre. Just watch it, as Pontes' voice rises in plaintive heartfelt supplication, and you'll see for yourself what Fado is all about. Powerful and beautiful. That's so cool. Rare to find a song and a video that accomplish so much as this one.

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