Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Israeli Lobby Blocks Obama Nominee

If progressive Democrats thought the election of Barack Obama would somehow moderate America's unrealistic and counter-productive support for Israeli occupation and massacres, think again. In a stunning display of DC muscle, AIPAC, the American Israeli lobby has derailed the nomination of a key member of the new Intelligence Team. Read about it here. His sin? To question the unending opression of the Palestinian people by the state of Israel. AIPAC, by the way, is under investigation by the FBI for syping on the US for Israel.

Also today, the Obama administration reassured the Israelis that the $30bn in promised foriegn and military aid will indeed be delivered to Israel as planned over the next ten years. That's right. We're providing a very prosperous country with nuclear weapons galore more foriegn aid than all other recipients combined. More than all of Africa for example. How is that possible? Or even defensible? It is ironic at a time when the current prime minister of Israel is being accused of corruption and the country's immediate past president is being tried on multiple charges of rape and molestation we continue our myopic, boundless and unrestricted support. US support for Israel ranks as the absolutely worst foreign policy in the history of our republic. It has cost us countless dollars, lives and our international reputation. Time to re-think the strategic relationship, and long past time to banish the influence of AIPAC - the most powerful of all lobbying organizations.

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