Friday, February 27, 2009


If you are fortunate enough to receive your TV signal from satellite, either Direct TV or DISH, you have access to the coolest TV network in history. The best source of international news, LINK TV - Television Without Borders, also features eye-opening documentaries, world music videos; and, feature films.

The Author discovered many of the worldbeat acts highlighted in this blog on LINK TV. Musicians like Andrea Echeverri and Aterciopelados; Ojos Negros; Rokia Traore; Lila Downs; Habib Koite; Sa DingDing and Manu Chau.

Then there's the news. LINK TV broadcasts Aljazeera's "Witness" series; European news (Journal) from Deutsche Welle; Amy Goodman's Democracy Now, Eye on Tibet, and the network's own Mosaic - International News from the Middle East. Mosaic is a favorite, a very important news program that is entirely unique in that it offers news reports from independent and state-owned TV news stations around the Middle East. To best understand the viewpoints of all the parties involved in that volatile region, it is necessary to step out of the box and away from one's comfort-zone to watch and listen to the news from all sources. More data is a good thing.

We make a regular contribution to the user-supported network. Please consider joining us. LINK TV's celebrity sponsors include Danny Glover, Charlize Theron, Harry Belefonte, Taj Majal, Willy Nelson, Angelique Kidjo, and my friend Gina Smith.

Just last night, LINK TV ran one of their great foreign feature films. I was spellbound. The Algerian, Bent Keltoum (Keltoun's Daughter), was directed by Mehdi Charef.
Rallia, a young Swiss woman, returns home to her birthplace in Algeria hoping to find her mother, Keltoum. She meets a weathered old man who she learns is her grandfather (Brahim Ben Salah), who warmly welcomes her and tells her that her mother works far away in a luxury resort, but that she returns home each Friday. Rallia also meets her aunt Nedjma (Baya Belal) who is mentally challenged and ostracized by the community. Waiting for her mother to return, Rallia tries to participate in the family’s daily life and encounters the hardships of the desert. Finally, she decides she can no longer wait, and sets out on a trek into the desert with Nedjma to find her mother.
There's a list of almost 40 international films featured on LINK TV for sale at Amazon, here. If you get your TV via YouTube, LINK TV has a channel. So you can watch worldbeat vids or the news of the day from your PC, MAC or iPhone. LINK TV Twitter Link.

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