Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daschle Withdraws - Kitzhaber Needs a Look

President Obama's choice to be secretary of Health & Human Services, as well as the new health care reform Czar, Tom Daschle has withdrawn after concluding that his much publicized tax problems were to big an obstacle to overcome. Though Daschle is former leader of the Senate and a man afforded infinate respect in D.C., his acceptance of a complimentary car and driver from a supporter doomed his nomination. The Author regrets this setback, as health care reform is a top priority on everybody's list. The economy simply won't recover without fundamental changes in this system.

The Obama administration has, however, a wonderful opportunity to select the perfect replacement in every way. Former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, M.D. is the ideal nominee. Co-author of the Oregon Health Plan and founder of the Archimedes Movement, Kitzhaber has devoted much of his energy and career in public service to this issue. Further, his experience as the chief executive of a state gives him the necessary experience and gravitas to handle the job. Let's hope he gets it.

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