Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sweet Summer Slowdown

After recording almost a post a day for June 08, The Author has fallen victim to hot Summer days, garden reveries and a significant birthday celebration. The temperatures in sunny southern Oregon have been flirting with triple-digits daily. Blazing hot and dry as a bone. Naturally we've been focused on reducing fire threats and keeping thirsty plants alive. Even our virtual Xeroscape has issues with this heat. And some of our not so drought-tolerate plants, like a hillside of knee-high Hypericum, are taking a lot of time and effort. On a positive note, the tomatoes and chickens seem to be doing just fine. That's 19 chickens in our current small flock.

I've got posts in draft form around a bunch of current political issues and scandals, a new article or two on World Beat music, and an essay or two percolating up through my heat-numbed consciousness. Stay tuned.

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