Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pop Impulse Joins Blogs United to Cover Netroots Nation

Today in Austin, Texas the Netroots Nation conference gets underway. Progressive political bloggers, candidates, activists and pundits all over the country have been gearing up for this event for months. The image (left) of Hillary is from the 2007 Yearly Kos, the predecessor to this show. PI featured on-the-ground reports on the 2007 event from author and progressive radio host Jeff Golden: here, here and here.

This year, Netroots Nation speakers include Rep. Donna Edwards, elected with netroots support; General Wesley Clarke; and, speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, who will chair a special session called "Ask the Speaker."

As a run-up to the event, a number of blogs nationwide created a new group called Blogs United. Thanks to Kid Oakland for energizing the process. Pop Impulse was invited to join several months ago, and as a result The Author has met a bunch of committed compatriots via the listserve and daily digest. Sweet.

Pop Impulse readers will be rewarded with a round-up report on the event, filed by The Bleeding Heartland's DesmoinesDem. Props to her for making the effort to provide coverage for the rest of us. Oh, and if you're hooked-up with Second Life, the conference is appearing live.

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