Saturday, July 19, 2008

Iraq PM Supports Obama Pull-Out Plan

Okay, the debate is over. Prime minister Nouri al-Maliki (pictured), speaking for the Iraqi government, indicated in an interview that he prefers Senator Barak Obama's troop pull-out plan and schedule. Read the news here. This is significant validation of the long-held position of the Democratic Party that a timeline and transition plan are required at this point of our almost six-year war.

The Bush administration and Republicans in general vigorously opposed a timeline, and insisited on an unlimited commitment with forever bases, since the beginning of the war. And of course, John McCain famously warned we could be in Iraq for 100 more years. Uh-huh. Not happening. Not ever.

It is now clear to even the most casual observer that this war has always been about oil, corporate profits and cowboy diplomacy. Our initiation of the hostilities was based on lies about WMD, poor intelligence and even worse analysis of that intel. Our actions, ironically, seem to have strengthened our opponents and destabilized a region that was already a tinderbox. And of course, we've spent our once great economy into ruin conducting our international affairs; and forever tarnished our reputation and moral authority worldwide. Can you imagine a more disasterous scenario? Well, add to our many mistakes the lost attention and action on real world problems; like global warming, the safety of the food supply, poverty, hunger & disease, and you get a better picture of the damage done by George Bush, his administration of clueless lackeys and the Republican Party in general. The Democratic Party, and presidential candidate Barak Obama win this argument. It's over. Bush and the Republicans were and are wrong. We can only hope that they are held accountable by the American people and history for their crimes and misjudgements.

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