Monday, June 2, 2008

DEBKAfile: Bush Close to Attacking Iran

A couple of days ago, Israeli MilStrat site DEBKAfile reported that their Washington inside sources indicate that George Bush is leaning much closer to launching some kind of air attack on Iran.

Now that's just what we need. Uh-huh. Ignite the Middle East, set off Shiites around the world, and prove once and for all that the US is only capable of "cowboy diplomacy." A nightmare scenario from this writer's point of view. Given how badly we've misunderstood the Middle East to date, and how badly Bush has managed the unnecessary conflict he got us in to in Iraq, this is not happy news. Iran is very large, and very well prepared. Their proxies are also many and motivated. This is not the time, and this is not the manner in which to respond to percieved (but never documented) Iranian threats. The Author decects the hand of the evil Dick Cheney on this file. First of all, we can't afford it. In so many ways. Second, a limited air-strike is based on a bunch of suspect premises and virtually no evidence on the ground is ill-advised and imprudent. Third, our military is already stretched beyond reasonable limits and this could open up a brand new theater of conflict. Fourth, a president should never presume to start a war and involve our country when his personal approval ratings are the lowest in history. The people, in case you haven't noticed, are no long "with" George Bush. And finally, a new administration will take office in January that should be allowed to formulate its own approach to Middle East diplomacy and peace.

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