Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Israel's Anniversary - Sixty Years of Strife

If one needs incontrovertible proof that long-term occupations are problematic and insurgencies difficult to overcome, consider the case of Israel. Now celebrating its 60th year in existence following the 1948 war, the country faces ongoing challenges to its own existence while fueling innumerable international conflicts. I have posted before about Bush's folly in the Gaza strip, here. And the role of the Israeli lobby in US elections, here. Another look at that same issue can be found in this article.

Today, The Author was intending to post a long and detailed missive regarding one of this planet's most intractable conflicts, but then read Barnett R. Rubin's "Informed Comment" post on the subject. This post really says it all. Rubin, Juan Cole and their colleagues at Informed Consent: Global Affairs are some of the Net's most reliable and trustworthy reporters. Check out the post, and make up your own mind.

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