Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dell Readies New Mini Laptop

The next generation of mini-laptops, called "netbooks" by some, is really here. Hoo-ya, it's about time. Hat's off to Gizmodo for catching Michael Dell personally carting his hot, new mini around "All Things D." Dell has yet to spec-out the new mini, but it sure has the right form factor - a plethora of ports, and it comes in candy-apple red and midnight black. The company released the pictured image above today. Read Dell's cryptic blog entry here.

The credit for creating the steamy new market niche goes to Taiwan's Asus and their EeePC. The latest version, the 901, is Atom-based with powerful wireless connectivity. This Linux-based netbook has been a huge seller, taxing Asus' manufacturing to the max.

The point of these "netbooks" is that bloatware and on-board megastorage may soon be a thing of the past for mobile warriors. Google and others are busy tearing down the Microsoft fortress by migrating powerful apps and giga-storage to the net where they belong. Unless one is a mad gamer, or video editor, these mini-notebooks are all that is necessary to get a sh*tload of work done from just about any location with a signal. A powerful but tiny PC just in time for my tiny tax rebate check from the government.

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