Friday, March 28, 2008

Unafraid - The Book

My friend and occasional contributor to this blog (reports from the Yearly KOS conference), Jeff Golden, has just introduced his new novel: Unafraid. A fictional look at how this country may have evolved had that bullet missed JFK 45 years ago in Dallas, the new novel is about hope and honesty in government.

Given the current political conversation in the US, the book is quite timely. Jeff, a recovering politician and radio talk-show host himself, has also just launched Immense Possibilities Radio (IPR) over at EQ TV. A gifted interviewer, he always manages to uncover interesting and provocative guests for his wide-ranging conversations. Worth a listen. You can get on his email list by sending him a note at this address. His previous shows are archived on the site. Read his posts to this blog here, here and here.

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roberto said...

I'm half way through the book and am finding it immensely fun, imaginative and pregnant with ideas and possibilities.

The Unafraid website is very professionally designed and a nice compliment to a very fine novel!